Svekolny brew - prevention of cancer

Excellent prevention for women, and not just cancer. He also cleans the body of toxins. Kidney stones are released from the intestine from putrefactive fermentations, the blood vessels from blockage and the liver from all the junk. Improves gas exchange, oxidative processes.

Traditional medicine considers the kvass from beet the best non-drug treatment for hypertension. It can serve as a "means of emergency aid" hypertensive crises. One glass of fresh beet kvass for 20 minutes lowers blood pressure. And eases the symptoms immediately. This treatment normalizes blood pressure and in some cases, this effect lasts years. But the benefits of this drink by the normalization of the pressure is not limited. Beet kvass affects our whole body.

Kvass from beet widens the blood vessels, normalizes rhythmic contraction, prevents clogged blood vessels, cleanses our lymph, digestive tract, liver, kidneys, useful in atherosclerosis.

This drink in the first place, shows people suffering from high blood pressure, iron deficiency anemia, disorders of the metabolism. Kvass from beet is a unique natural General tonic to improve metabolism and digestion, eliminates constipation and other bowel problems.

Given the beneficial effects on metabolism, kvass from beets is recommended for people suffering from obesity. Combining sport, diet and beet kvass, you can in the shortest possible time to achieve amazing results in losing weight.

There are two basic ways of making beet kvass: unleavened and yeast.

Yeast-free method, obviously, is more ancient, but also more long kvass will be ready in three — five days.

— 500 gr beet
— 3 liters of water
— 50 grams of rye bread
— 10 gr of yeast
— 100 gr sugar

Raw beets thoroughly washed, peeled, cut into thin slices and dry in the oven. Then pour a small amount of hot water (water to just cover the beets) and cook until tender. The broth is drained, pour the remaining boiled water (the resulting broth should be pleasantly warm), put black bread, sugar, yeast and leave for 1-2 days in a warm place for fermentation. Then the brew to drain and cool.

Beets left over from stewing, to use for cooking other dishes.

Yeast method.

When the yeast method, the kvass will be ready in a day or two. However, this brew still more suitable as a refreshing drink.

— 1 beet (large)
— 2 liters of water (boiled cooled or purified)
— 4 tablespoons of sugar
— 1 rye bread (crust stale)

Refined beet finely chop or slice, place in a glass jar, pour boiled water, add sugar and a crust of rye bread. Close the jar with gauze and leave to ferment for 3 days. Then brew filter, pour into bottles, sealed and cooled.

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