Liz Burbo: How the concept of NEED manages Your life

If you recognize yourself in the following situations?

I need to be more patient with their children
I need to find time to relax
I need to be more polite with the others
I need to lose weight
I need to meet my mother-in-law
I need to go to work
I need to clean the house
I need to earn more money if I want to change the furniture
I need to pull myself together
I need to be more tolerant of your husband
I need more exercise

I'm sure you can add several items to the list. It is important to understand that every time you say "need", it means that you have to have, do or be something that in the moment is not your preference.

Take the time to make sure that each "need" is associated with blame. I do know that it causes a permanent presence in the sense of guilt. When you act in accordance with what "need" you blame yourself that you don't hear their true needs. And when you don't listen to him, a little voice inside of you tells you that you do wrong that you are irresponsible.

Because of these "needed" you often don't have the time because you are too demanding of himself. The more you show strictness, perfectionism and the pursuit of perfection, the more the concept of "need" directs your life, and the more the lack of time, gives you stress. You spend the time to listen to your "need", and then you are trying to do what your head tells you to do. This is one of the reasons for the lack of time.

Take, for example, a woman who works all week and on Saturday she wakes up with the words: "Today I need to clean the kitchen and wash". And while it deals with these matters, it looks, what the weather is and thinks that really she'd like to spend the day outdoors, to walk, to read, stretched out on a sun lounger and smell the flowers. And she tries to cope with household chores as soon as possible to be able to do what she wanted. She feels the stress and pressure.

How many people can't stop and rest until they are done to fulfill all your needs! They go to bed and have the evening to think about all that they have to do tomorrow, and they're in a hurry to do everything, getting to only waking up. They don't even think about the fact whether this work should be carried out so quickly.

Thus, it is not surprising that around the world millions of people suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension). That is because they create unnecessary pressure on themselves, stress. Their body warns you that you should stop feeling guilty and give more attention to their needs.

When you realize what you just thought or said the word "need", ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I really have to I did or so I was so now?

  • Do I want this?

  • What will be the price, if I allow myself to listen to your needs?

  • Am I ready to face the consequences?

  • Will I have to suffer the consequences more than the fact that I don't listen to their current needs?

If the answer to the last question is "Yes", you will just make the decision to postpone their preference at a later date, but it will be consciously. I guarantee you that you will see the magic changes! Indeed, thanks to this awareness of your "need" will be the choice, not obligation or duty. The guilt will disappear and you will be a responsible person because you will begin to make wise choices in their favor.

©Liz Burbo, translation Ia Zaitsev

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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