Heart surgeon Leo Bokeria: Our heart - reliable Swiss watches. But it is necessary to "wound"

Among the core walks a lot of myths. One of the main that after a heart attack you can't quit Smoking. Like, it's the stress that the heart can not stand...

— Nonsense! Quit Smoking should always. Quitting really prolongs life for many years. And if a heart attack has already happened, immediately quit Smoking, you will greatly decrease the risk of repeated attacks. The cigarette increases the risk of lesions of the myocardium and coronary vessels twice. It is a medical fact. And moreover, now came to review the work of English physicians, who have proved and passive smokers two times more likely to have heart attacks than those people near whom no one smokes.



I smoked since I was 17. And in his youth began to notice that it has become worse to play football, to get tired quickly, get irritated often. 25 years ago I quit Smoking. A willful decision. And since then I feel much better than the "Smoking" years.

In America, for example, in new York, you can't even get on the sidewalk with a cigarette. Pay $ 500 and you'll know what to poison the lives of others — too expensive. If we do not apply an administrative resource in this matter, would be a disaster. Recently, one of my grandsons had a birthday and we went in the evening to a nice restaurant. Around the three tables – and all the smoke. And the Director throws up his hands, they say, what can I do? Although there is a law!

What you need to limit myself actually to keep your heart healthy?

— Our body works more reliably a Swiss watch. But he shouldn't be allowed "to rust". Of course, heredity plays a big role. There are whole dynasty of cores. But if your mother is hypertensive, and my dad suffered a heart attack, that is no reason to give up on myself. On the contrary, the sooner will the identified risks, the more chances that you will be able to keep your heart healthy for years to come. And there is nothing complicated about to be examined. Sometimes it is enough just to do cardio and meet with a cardiologist.

Now the country has created 502 "health Centre", our specialists also take part in it. There can be completely free to examine the body in the preventive purposes. And get advice on nutrition, optimal physical activity, etc.

As for constraints it is necessary not to torture yourself and to rely on common sense: not to overeat, not to drink and go to bed at the same time.

And what loads is useful for vessels? Here is the earlier example, saying "run from a heart attack," and now there's a study that it's not the most heart-healthy thing...

— I'll say this: right now a huge number of people over the age of 40 do not have any loadings! Even walking do not go virtually — is that from the car to the Elevator. And it was terrible. Because heart — muscle, it needs exercise, it needs oxygen. You need to walk at least one hour a week. In a month — two hours. And then there will be the need for additional loads. Choose the same type fiznagruzki should feel. It is not necessary to make over itself violence, to tear all veins in the gym. As long as you feel comfortable and after a workout won't have unpleasant feelings of the heart.

You are always so taut, it seems that fatigue does not take you, despite the huge load. Is there a secret?

— Not a secret. There is one simple commandment: you want to live long and actively — don't be fat! You need to focus on to get into those costumes that you wore 10 — 20 years ago. Here I hang, for example, costumes from the days when I was a graduate student. So I occasionally wear them, walk in them and feel quite comfortable. Weight saving is an integral indicator, which allows to hope that people will live a long active life.

And diet some practice?

Is the diet of American astronauts (then it was slightly changed and given the name "Kremlin"). I chose it because I'm a crazy sweet tooth. I had too much of it.
But then again — it is not necessary fanaticism. Most importantly, choose a diet wisely, knowing what your weak spot.

What helps you cope with daily stress?

— If I have a problem I try to solve it. I'm not one to not run, not roll their eyes in panic. The main thing — to understand what is happening. Start to search for solution first in my head. Never shy with someone to consult. I do a lot of operate. There are very complex operations. I have a very large team. I have five grandchildren, two daughters. Emotion is very much. But we have to be the person creating your mood. This is very important! More important than anything else. Every morning you need to stand with hope! published


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