Business idea: how to open a bakery

The founder of the Academy of restaurant business and restaurateur Anatoly Odintsov — how to make money on the cakes, which drop fire in bakeries and why a new facility is better run in February

Baking bread and rolls business, not only smelling delicious, but also highly profitable. The trading margin for one croissant or cake can be 1000%. This business does not require enormous investments and large areas. If you will be baking your rolls yourself, cook about 2 million rubles, and if you pester frozen — 1 million rubles.


To fulfill your dream you need a million? If you have never dealt with the catering or your first business, then prepare two or three million. Everything goes not as you expected, you will face a lot of surprises, you will have to go on experiments, many of which will fail.

The idea

You want to feed all the same croissants as those whom you had lunch in the Latin quarter in Paris? First determine: this will be frozen croissants and cakes or pastries own making? For bringing frozen until ready you need 40 square meters, a minimum of equipment and personnel. If the oven all on their own, it is necessary not less than 60-70 square meters, and expensive equipment, reliable technology and experienced staff.



A rough plan of a bakery should be on your hands before you go out and search for the room: what and how much you are going to bake, what equipment you need and how it should be placed. If, in addition to the bakery requires cafe, then decide in advance what will be the Seating arrangements.

The first question will ask you the owner and you should know the answer to: "How much electricity do you need?" You have to imagine the maximum load, which will give the network all of your stove are switched on simultaneously and consuming maximum power. Show the landlord the presentation of the company — a brief business plan sketch of sign, layout of the premises, a list of products you intend to produce. Your bakery should be your website. Landlords prefer to deal with trained people and clear business.

You are satisfied? Now go to the SES and see if there's a nearby so-called "sanitary protection zones". This enterprise, next to which food production is prohibited.



As an organizational form, choose a limited liability company (LLC) — then for all risks you'll only reply share capital and assets of the company, and not my own. Legal entities can open a Bank account, to rent, to obtain loans.



Use to the fullest the social network — it's free and very effective. Still need clear information sign above the entrance and the smell of fresh bread is a cafe specially bring the hood into the street. The aroma of fresh bread and tasting new products is your main promotion tools.


The project

Project of engineering communications — a water supply and Sewerage, ventilation, electrical and fire network. Reviewing with designers the details, don't forget about sanitary standards. If you have a bakery combined with a café, you will need two bathrooms for staff and visitors. Vents and drains will have to install a grease trap. This is the first thing interested in all the reviewer. No grease traps, no rolls! Firefighters will forbid you to work, and they will be right — in ventilation accumulates the fat that sooner or later will light up.


Machines and equipment

The equipment can save. The simplest baking oven, CPE-500 will cost 35 000 rubles. This is a real "workhorse". If you want to bake their croissants on their own, you have to open the trade on the equipment they will need at least 1.7 million rubles.



If you are targeting high quality baking, you just have to use powdered eggs, but fresh eggs and natural oils. However the raw egg in its raw form is the source of the strongest food poisoning. Realizing this, regulatory authorities require bakeries to the availability of separate facilities for processing eggs with observance of the certain norms, which are indicated in the sanitary-epidemiological rules (SP Before the egg falls into the dough, it must be washed thoroughly, then placed in the candling to examine the quality. If no candling, each egg is broken into a separate container, then they are individually poured into separate containers for melange. The only way to avoid getting bad eggs in the total mass of the product. Be a shame if one egg spoil 50 liters of egg mass.


At the start

It is best to open in February. Many businesses are by this time out of the market, passing the final balance, and you will have less competition.


The trick

You need to come up with something special — a token that will differentiate you from the rest and attract customers. Install at the entrance of the giant muffin — with him then all will be photographed and uploaded to Instagram. Think that would be very unusual in the interior and what is your offer unique.



The key person in the bakery technologist, especially if you are going to organize its own production. He will create original recipes, it depends, are your buns melt in your mouth or they will be driving nails. Still need four Baker, working two per shift, two cashiers and a cleaning lady and accountant outsourcing.



Frozen patties stored in the freezer no more than 20 days. If you are not able to sell muffins from naselennogo test, you can make croutons and crackers that will go perfectly as "compliments".

Harder croissants and puffs. Period of its implementation, even with Windows, which is heated and humidified, is only six hours. Start at the end of the day hot hours — the next day you this product still won't sell.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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