Lenten recipes: oatmeal kvass and pea cheese

The article is primarily intended for people who are fasting. The recipes are very simple and delicious.


Pour 1 Cup of rolled oats with water (cold or lukewarm), fermenting rye leaven (bread) – 50 ml, add sugar 2-6 tbsp 1-2 tbsp. tablespoons of raisins. The kvass is ready in 1-2 days.

If there is not a rye starter, you can brew to add a piece of rye bread. When the brew is ready, filter through a sieve (helping a bit with a spoon filtration process).

A very nice refreshing drink. Useful.



In fact, it is the same brew of oats, only more intense (concentrated).

It turns out that if 1.5 l of water, to take the package of oat flakes (500g.). Further act on the above scheme, as in the case of kvass from oats. ( Pictured in the Bank and in cans pictured this option as in bottles 1фото).



500 g oatmeal (1 package), pour cooled down to 32C boiling water – 1.5 l, add either the black rye bread or rye crackers or brew the precipitate. But it is best to INTRODUCE 50ml of RYE SOURDOUGH BREAD.

Leave for fermentation for 2-3 days at room temperature. After oatmeal sourdough is ready, drain through a metal sieve (squeeze the oats through a sieve with a spoon).

Let the liquid settles in the fridge a bit, that would have settled the grounds. Drain the clear liquid at the top (you can drink it, it is actually oatmeal kvass is very useful), and a thick piece to use as a starter (before the introduction to stir, stir).

Of course, that turns out excellent sourdough and oatmeal, if you reduce it to "thick sour cream" and fermenting sourdough or rye bread. After 2 days she is ready (and drained nothing, it is thick itself).


In fact, this oatmeal sourdough. It is perfectly whiten soup, soup, Sokolniki. In the post oatmeal cream very relevant. On a plate like this cream it is necessary to take 1-2 tablespoons (to taste, to try and do it of course).

1 Cup oat flour pour 2 cups of lukewarm water and shoot down the whisk, adding a teaspoon of prepared rye leaven. After 1-2 days (sometimes leaven was sveshivalis for 1. 5 hours, but it depends on the room temperature) oat cream was ready. If there is not a rye starter, you can take the black rye bread (one piece, weighing 250 g, dry bread) .



This cheese is cooked on the basis that 1 part chickpea flour/ 4 parts water.

Pea flour – 1 Cup (250ml). Pour the flour in a bowl and pour 1 glass of cold (!!!) water, grind the flour and water first with a spoon, then start to pour the remaining water (3 cups), whisking. Thus is formed smaller lumps.

Pour the flour mixed with water in a saucepan (preferably cast iron or thick-walled and covered with enamel, the pot of duralumin, the main thing is to not pot the ball tends to overcooking).

Stirring constantly, let boil, reduce heat to low and cook for at least 25 minutes, and the best 35-40 minutes frequently stir with a wooden spoon(!). In between stirring the cover must be closed or covered.

Stir all the time (or often) while cooking the cheese. After 15 minutes, after boiling, add salt to taste. 5-10 minutes before end of cooking cheese pea pulp, add sunflower refined oil – ½ Cup (oil can take a little more or a little less).

Remove from the heat. Cool to 32-35C. Enter the oatmeal yeast ½ Cup or 1/3 Cup (Cup volume 250ml). Yeast to enter only when the mass has cooled!. Stir well (can be shoot down with a mixer).

The process of fermentation (fermentation) of cheese should be held at room temperature for 2-5 days, after which it is ready. Further, it should be placed in the refrigerator to cool and can be used.

Cheese stored in the refrigerator at temperature of 4-5C. Shelf life up to 7 days or more. The mould, the cheese is considered the!


The ratio of "pea flour – water" depends on how hard or soft a cheese will be.

How much cheese will be sour depends on the number made a starter from the time that the cheese will ferment in mounds .

The cheese that ripens not in uniform and not covered with parchment paper form a crust and cracks. How much cheese will be salty, depends on how his salt and salt can not regret, it is still cheese.

When broiling cheese made from pea flour holds its shape, fuses, but does not stretch such as sulguni, because this makes little sense.



1. In the cheese mass ready you can add BLACK PEPPER and (or) DRY GARLIC. This should be done during boiling for 5-10 minutes until tender.

2. You can make a HERBS such as SALTED DILL or other FRESH HERBS (parsley, etc.). Supplements at your own discretion and your taste.published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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