The phrase, after which a woman should not be the case

There are phrases that speak of pronouncing them man if not all at once, then once more. And after hearing some of these phrases, is to radically reconsider their relationship with those from whose lips they sound. One of such statements which, when used of a woman, calls into question the feasibility of further relationship with her is:


No, of course everyone has a right to defend its uniqueness and originality.

Nothing wrong with that — the problem is that the phrase "I am what I am" many women used to hide their shortcomings instead of trying to fix them. Not hidden, but rather to justify, to defend the right to have them.


Thirty four million two hundred five thousand seven hundred seventy one

This is especially common sin feminists who claim this motto can promote anything: hairy armpits, fat folds, lack of basic knowledge or consumer attitude to men.

Criticized (in most cases well deserved), these women can find common arguments in support of its position, and the course is the last argument: "I am what I am".

Usually this means "I no". Because this person will always find more precise adjectives to describe themselves.

About any woman I heard that phrase, nothing good can not say. Except that one of them was very beautiful — but drank like a horse (in the end, the beauty of the little that remains) and was a complete bitch.

Another lover of this expression brought her husband (... the) before turning into complete trash, how was she. Also this stuff are often seen as status in social networks. Judging by the content of the pages on which it appears, their owner far removed from those mentioned.

The quintessence of senility is a frequent moment when this phrase creeps a typo, and the result is the statement "I am Kaka" (which, in my opinion, more true).

PS This opinion is not an attempt to insult all women that keep their individuality. This is only advice to refrain from phrase-parasite, which is far more peculiar natures minded and personality just deprived.  published 


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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