11 books to lift the mood, if you suddenly come the Blues

The most effective, useful and proven way of combating melancholy is a good and exciting book. We have compiled for you a dozen humorous, ironic, and just good and fun books which will dispel bad mood.

 "It is naive. Super"ByErlend Lou


The Novel "Naive. Super" by Norwegian writer Erlend Lu – his most famous book. It is written from the hero who is going through a "midlife crisis". The book was translated into 20 languages, and enthusiastically greeted in Russia. This ironically low-key and charming novel is akin to "naive" painting. At first glance, everything is funny and simple, but enough to scrutinize the details despite the seeming simplicity of expertly written and accurate, and the story itself is touching and smart.



"The plumber, his cat, wife and other details,"Glory Se

The main character — a nondescript man, whose male loneliness smells like hamster that lives under his bath, and he enjoys impregnable sad women, easily handing out kisses. He is the only one in the entire Baltic States plumber who plays in the theater, is able to grow on the window of onion and roasting meat, and maintains a blog at LiveJournal. The reader will learn, who is himself the glory of the Se, his character, and whether he is the glory of the Se.



"Paradise is somewhere near"Fannie Flagg


Life is still a strange thing. Only tireless Elner was on the Fig tree, where he climbed over ripe fruits, and literally a second later she and the snake communicates with the inhabitants of Paradise and from God himself. Meanwhile, Elmer leads a heavenly conversation on Earth starts now end of the world. Her boyfriend with his truck is in the ditch, her niece fainted and a neighbor for no reason, no reason began to study the Bible. Looking at what is happening, Lord come to the conclusion that while in heaven Aamer before, let it dealt first with earthly Affairs.

The result is that Paradise – among the people we love and who need our help. A novel by Fannie Flagg — another proof that she was sent to Earth to write good and wonderful books in which not a single gram of falsehood.

  "Book of lies"March Cetro


The characters in this book apply to cheating more than serious. For them it is a creative act and a means of strengthening a fragile reality. They consider the path of a Liar the only right way and the valiant path for the artist. But there comes a time and each of them understands that the most common delusion was the main business of her life. In fact, all they are trying to extract a soul from the darkness of despair and cradle her wounded pride. And because of this, and write the damn book in the hope that the time will come, when green the grass or white snow they manage to escape to a place where there is no pain.

   "Eat, pray, love"Elizabeth Gilbert


This book is about how sometimes you find joy where you do not expect to find it, and how we should not look for happiness where it cannot be determined. "Modern book about modern women, which is, to pray, to love is to receive pleasure from life" — so wrote the critics about this book.

  "The year of the hare"by Arto Paasilinna


The plot of the book begins with the Helsinki journalist Vatanen accidentally hit by a car the hare. He felt sorry for the unfortunate animal, he leaves the car and together with the hare goes on a fascinating journey through Finland. From that day the journalist had decided to end it all, that was his life. So the main character gets complete freedom.

  "Waffle heart"Maria Parr


The book "Waffle heart" was the debut of a young Norwegian writer Maria Parr. Critics have called her the new Astrid Lindgren. The book enthusiastically adopted in Sweden, France, Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands, the novel won the award "Silver stylus".

The book describes a year in the life of two young residents of the Bay Chips-Matilda – 9-year-old Trill ( and the narrator), and his classmate and roommate of Lena. But this year holds an incredible amount of touching, funny and dangerous adventures and events. Idealistic life on a Norwegian farm violated dramatic circumstances, but not destroyed. But friendship is stronger.

  "Dog's life"Peter Mail


The book is written from the dog Fight is pure paranoid, megalomaniac, which fits perfectly with delusions of persecution. However, all this is manifested only when it is profitable. Fight as a writer is something of a cross between Eeyore and Proust. It is a weight in itself and inclined to slander. In the book of quotations from the works of great sages are interspersed with canine themes, and links with Machiavelli and Voltaire are combined with tips on how to keep under the dining table legs and tail from awkward people.

  "Color apricot"Bi Saosin


Chinese romance novel "Color of apricot" is ambiguous. On the one hand it is ironic anecdotal narrative about the adventures of a young man who got a miracle cure stimulating virility, and got сразу12 wives. But this book and the other side. This book is about sex life, about passion which is the essential part in human life. This novel can be considered erotic fiction.

  "About Fedot-Archer daring fellow"by Leonid Filatov


"About Fedot-Archer, swashbuckling young man" – a pearl of the literary heritage of the great Russian actor Leonid Filatov. The author is witty, graceful and funny satirical comedies of new beat classic literary stories. The play, every word of which many are ready to quote by heart, interesting and relevant today.

"The tale of Fedot-Archer, swashbuckling young man" — a tale in verse, most famous poetic work of Leonid Filatov, written in 1985. He has many plays in different theatres in Russia and the CIS, as well as films and cartoon. A video of the performance, Filatov will not leave anyone indifferent.

  "The adventures of major Zvyagin"Michael Weller


If you are bad, it seems that there is no space, be sure to read this book. It nowhere describes the actual actions by which you can solve most of life's problems: to fight alcoholism, to fall in love with a girl, be attractive of ugly people etc. of Course, the book is a bit fantasticheskaya, or rather exaggerated, because all too well is the main character, but, nevertheless, makes clear that the deadlock is always there, and the solution of all difficulties of our life is in our hands. Very motivating to action. published


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