That is the only correct way to boil eggs!

American chef and scientist J. Kenji Lopez-Alt has become famous after he wrote the book "the food Lab: perfect cooking with science" (The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science).

His whole career is to find the optimal from the point of view of science, the way to cook a particular dish. This time he decided to deal with eggs.

How to cook eggs

There is an opinion that the preparation of boiled eggs is one of the easiest things in cooking, but professional chefs don't think so. Most often the result of cooking becomes too elastic protein and dried egg yolk.

The thing is that the egg are two separate substances: egg yolk and white requires a different approach to heat treatment. The ideal temperature for a protein of 82° Celsius. When her white protein in the egg becomes dense, but still soft and not acquire a "rubber" consistency.

However, the ideal temperature for egg yolks is five degrees below 77° centigrade. If you exceed this threshold, it becomes dry and crumbly. But because chemical reactions between sulphur in the protein and iron in the yolk, the latter becoming unsightly green-gray.

So if you toss the egg in boiling water, there is a risk to spoil the protein even before the yolk hardens, and if cold, the protein will stick to the shell and the egg will be impossible to clean.

The idea lópez-Alt is to throw the egg in boiling water and then put a few ice cubes to lower the temperature.

To find the perfect recipe, the chef every 30 seconds from the water took out one egg and check their condition.

On the advice of lópez-Alt, in order to get the protein and the yolk of the perfect consistency, it is necessary to lower the eggs into boiling water for 30 seconds and then throw a few ice cubes (to determine the right amount for your dishes, will have to do the experiment several times) and again bring the water to a boil.

Cooking time depends on the desired consistency. Here are the options:

How are you? You follow this advice? Do you care how good your boiled eggs? published


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