These exercises Zhou Lucina will return GRAY hair to original color

"Hair is the remnants of blood." According to the views of traditional Chinese medicine, the hair is fed by blood.

Zhang Csiha, who lived in the Qing dynasty, wrote in his treatise "How concerned pundits about his parents": "the Cause of gray hair, and white trichomadesis of dandruff is the excess heat of blood."

Lee Chan, who lived during the Ming dynasty, in his treatise "a Medical ABC" went further, writing: "When excess of blood hair wet, the lack of blood hair worse if restless blood, the hair yellow, if the blood dies down, hair turns gray".

It seems that gray hair is closely associated with blood. Is it possible then to do something to restore graying hair to its former color? The answer is Yes. According to medical texts, physical and breathing exercises, which staromiejska language called "Dao-Yin", can help remove barriers to the circulation of qi (vital energy) and blood and have a very beneficial effect with a similar situation.

This exercise was described in the treatise Zhou Lucina, who lived during the reign of the Ming dynasty.

1 hour night or 12 hours a day sit up straight, putting one brush to another, and focus your mind, leaving aside all the distracting thoughts. The sight of both eyes mentally fixed on the top of the head, the result of Yin and Yang rise naturally from the sacrum along the spine to the top. Then flow to the nose, the chin and throat, then through the middle of the chest and abdomen to the point a tribute to Tien, located 10 cm below the navel. If you perform this exercise nine times, it will add vitality, will fill qi and blood, will return gray hair to its former color.

In another text – "a General treatise on the etiology and symptomatology of gray hair, disease and root cause" under the heading "Recipe for health preservation exercises Dao Yin" provides three methods:

a) getting up in the morning, raise your right hand and take the head through her left ear, then lift your left hand and take it through the head's right ear. At the same time with both hands, pull the ears up (Fig. 10-6). Then with your hands pull up the hair and beard (for lack of a beard pull the chin). This will help to improve the circulation of qi and blood in the beard and hair;

b) sit on the floor, stretch your legs, stretch your arms, fingers to the rise of the foot (metatarsal bones), bend in half, head touching the knees (Fig. 10-7). This allows you to strengthen the spine, promotes circulation of qi and blood in the roots of the hair and maintains healthy hair for a long time. Then sit in a chair, relax your legs, spread your legs 30 cm, clasp your hands the smallest areas of the Shin, just above the ankles, and lean forward, trying to bring the head to the floor. Do this 12 times (Fig. 10-8). Strengthening the spine in this way helps to maintain good health and to direct vital energy to wet the hair, to ensure their good growth and color, softness and Shine;

C) bend your knees, taking a sitting position, thighs are off the floor and form the legs angles. Tilt the torso down, grasp the toes with both hands and hold them upward. Then lower your head as close to the floor (Fig. 10-9). This exercise helps to completely convert the life energy of the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys in the head. It is able to cure deafness and weakness of vision. If you persistently perform this exercise for a long time to gray hair can return to their former color.

In the treatise "Da Tong lei Tszyu fan" says: "Good hair color comes from the abundance of blood. Comb them once a day." In the "Book of life" States: "Often comb the hair 120 times". In other words, should be often comb the hair. Of course, it is not limited to 120 her movements once a day. Frequent brushing is beneficial for the scalp and hair roots, improves metabolism (Fig. 10-10).

In fact, the scalp massage was more effective than combing of hair. Before bedtime or after waking up in the morning massage your head, drawing the index and middle fingers on the skin in small circles, starting from the forehead through the crown to the nape, then from the forehead through whiskey sides of the head at the back of the head. Do this massage twice a day for 10-15 minutes. RUB and knead the scalp with a frequency of 30-40 times per minute. With regular massage, the results will be good (Fig. 10-11).

Because massage of the scalp improves the blood circulation, the hair follicles get more food, produce more melanin (pigment that gives color), however, removes obstacles from the channels for the transmission of melanin, thus returning gray hair to its original color.published


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