Interesting facts about the spine

1. The spine is the only human skeleton articulate connection, which has a number of bones! They can be from 33 to 35 because the tailbone is some people of 4 vertebrae, and others of five or even six! And this anatomical feature is not considered a pathology.

In newborns, all the vertebrae are mobile and connected, both among themselves and with the bones of the pelvis cartilage. But in the adult the vertebrae of the sacrum is fully fused with the pelvis creating a particularly strong skeletal system.

2. The spine of a healthy adult can withstand vertical loads of up to 400 kg! Such strength he provides tissue fluid, which fills the intervertebral discs, and muscle tension when they are fixed and create biostructure stronger than concrete!

3. The flexibility of the spine in the trained person is unique! Chinese actress of the circus show room, where they lean forward, pushing your head between your legs, touch the chin of its own rump! And in the next motion, bending back and pushing the head between your legs, but the back side, the back of his head touch the pubic bone of the pelvis. Thus, their spinal column is the sum of the movements of bends more than 360°. Here's a fantastic reality.

For example, the mobility of the spine and nezanimajus girls of the same age does not exceed 250°.

4. In the upright position the spine of any trained person as it twists around its axis throughout the length of the can turn 180° left and 180° right, regardless of age. Such unique capabilities are determined by the biomechanics of the human spine, which also allows you to restore lost function and helps to restore the intervertebral discs, blood vessels, muscles and ligaments.

5. Practical experience of teachers and doctors have shown that performing exercises specifically aimed at improving spine eliminates the diagnosis of "low back pain" almost 100% engaged. But medicinal treatment leads to a positive result, only every second patient, and treatment must be periodically repeated. The conclusion is unequivocal — it is necessary to regularly engage in self-recovery of the spine!


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6. The age of the human spine is not determined by the number of years lived, and his flexibility! So the yogi at the age of 70 years, the spine flexibility is not inferior to the 15-year-old boys. And the existence of degenerative disc disease, they do not know!

7. Flexibility is the only physical quality of the person, which with regular practice can develop life and this process not only strengthens our spine, but also contributes to the renewal of the whole organism! published



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