11 things to try in Greece

Greek cuisine is very diverse, so you will need time to explore all the local cuisine. But some of them just don't pay attention.

Greece is a large country, and culinary features of each region. On the coast you can enjoy fresh seafood, but inland you will enjoy delicious meat dishes. However, the tourists are ready to offer all at once, so brace yourself: there are a lot.


You probably have heard about this Greek dish, and quite likely tried it. Moussaka can be found in the menu of almost any Greek or ekologicheskogo (Cyprus, for example) of the restaurant. Greek moussaka unlike the Arabic version is served hot. It is prepared with roasted eggplant, lamb, tomatoes and Bechamel sauce. All the ingredients are put layers. It turns out very tasty and very satisfying. By the way, this dish is not difficult to make at home.


Contrary to popular belief you need to try the sardines not in Sardinia. If you have small fish and cooked perfectly, so it is in Greece. Fresh, soft and fragrant, with a Golden crust, sardines, into your plate straight from the grill. As a garnish to the small fish is served, usually a salad. Greek, of course, what else!

Greek salad

And that is to try, you ask. Of course, we all ate this salad a thousand times, even at home, probably cooking. But in Greece he's very special: whether fresh vegetables, whether because of the gorgeous olive oil, whether the Greeks know a secret that no one share. The Greek salad here is served with almost any meat or fish dish. It is accompanied by fresh white bread, which after meals without a twinge of conscience to clean up oil from the plate. Don't hesitate: here is in order.


Ouzo is the anise vodka, which the Greeks drink even in the heat, diluting with water and ice. The drink, of course, the Amateur: won't say that it's delicious and very useful. Although cough drops resembles much. If you still deem it fit for use, bring the bottle home from the cold really helps.


Yes, in the next shop she also sells. Or rather, sold, not yet fall under the sanctions. Feta now we have only Russian production, and it is – with all due respect to the local – a slightly different story. Be sure to try the feta is where it was invented. In Greece, this cheese, if not everything, then much head: you should order the Greek salad, and familiarity with the feta will not be able to avoid. You can go the other way and go to the farmer's market: here you will find fresh feta, and along with a couple of dozen varieties of cheese.


Meze dish treacherous. This assortment of appetizers, salads and hot dishes, which is better to take on the company. It is unlikely you will be able to eat it all alone. Here and and olives, and the same feta, dolma, and chicken, and seafood. In General, from the table will have to go out and roll out, but I'll try everything at once.


The Greeks may themselves hoarse to argue that the coffee that we privykli called "Turkish" is actually "Greek". In Greece the favorite of many a strong drink brewed with a surprisingly soft foam and served with the traditional glass of water. In the heat you will be offered have frappe – coffee with ice. Great thing, if the thermometer approaches +45.


Souvlaki is the Greek version of the kebab, which is made on wooden sticks. It is made from pork, lamb or chicken. To try souvlaki, no need to go to an expensive restaurant. This dish is a local fast food, so eat it on the street. There is even a Greek version of Shawarma, when the pieces of meat off the skewers and put in Pete. A bonus attached tzatziki sauce and a vegetable set.


Rumor has it that in Greece the most delicious lamb in the world. If you are partial to this kind of meat, order foods that contain the word "Arnie". Literally this means lamb. It is good in any form – steamed, and grilled. The Greeks do know how to cook on an open fire, so anything off the grill, here is definitely delicious.


Another version of the Shawarma. Inside in addition to meat (usually it's pork), be sure to put the fries. The meat is seasoned with garlic, black pepper, salt and oregano.


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This layer cake, which is more common in Northern Greece. As a stuffing used is usually custard or cheese. There is also the option of meat, but it is not so typical. The dough is somewhat reminiscent of Austrian strudel. For lovers of cakes it is an absolute must try. Especially if you were, for example, in Thessaloniki.


Author: Lena Titok


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