Interesting facts about the man ...

Interesting Facts About Man:

Is a man of - the only representative of the animal world, the ability to draw straight lines.
-human DNA contains about 80,000 genes.
-The Surface of light - about 100 square meters.
Length of hair on the head to grow by an average person in their lifetime - 725 kilometers.
-I Blond beard grows faster than brunettes.
-Udaryayas Head against the wall, you can save 150 calories per hour.
-Epidemiya Flu of 1918-1919 killed more than 20 million people in the US and Europe.
Is a man of who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, drank half a cup of tar per year.
-As Part of the human body includes only 4 minerals: apatite, aragonite, calcite, and cristobalite.
-Leykotsity In humans live 2-4 days, and erythrocytes - 3-4 months.
-name Fingers from the French: pus, index, Major, anyuler, orikyuler.
-Every Human finger is bent over the lifetime of about 25 million times.
C moment of birth in the human brain is already there are 14 billion cells, and the number is up to his death is not increased. In contrast, after 25 years, it is reduced to 100 thousand per day. One minute you spend reading the page, kills about 70 cells. After 40 years of brain degradation is accelerated sharply, and after 50 neurons (nerve cells) shrink and reduced brain volume.
-Man considered dwarfs with growth below 130 cm, women - below 120 cm.
-human Brain generates a day more electrical impulses than all telephones of the world combined.
Gold Coast man to 50% water.
-Total Weight of bacteria living in the human body is 2 kilograms.
-The Human brain per second takes 100,000 chemical reactions.
-Kids Are born without kneecaps. They appear only at the age of 2-6 years.
Is the area of ​​the surface of human lungs is approximately equal to the area of ​​a tennis court.
-Size Of the human heart is approximately equal to the value of his fist. The weight of an adult heart is 220-260 g
-In Psychiatry syndrome accompanied by depersonalization, violation perception of time and space, their own body and the environment, officially (!) Called "Alice in Wonderland».
Gut-Slim person in life has a length of about 2, 5 meters. After his death, when the muscles of the bowel wall relaxes, its length is 6 meters.
-I Human approximately 2 million sweat glands. The average adult man with every liter of sweat lost 540 calories. Men sweat approximately 40% more than women.
-rule Human lung accommodates more air than the left.
-Vzrosly Person makes approximately 23,000 breaths (in and out) on the day.
-For All life female organism reproduces 7 million egg cells.
-human Eye can distinguish 10 million colors.
-In Human mouth about 40,000 bacteria.
-Papafobiya - Is the fear of the Pope (Rome)! ..
-Chihnut With your eyes open is impossible.
-In Human spine 33 or 34 vertebrae.
Are women blink approximately 2 times more often than men.
-The Small cells in the male - sperm cells.
-The Most powerful muscle in the human body - language.
-In Humans about 2,000 taste buds.
-In Mesopotamia for the death of a patient of the doctor who treated him executed, and for blindness - dazzled.
-When Birth to the child's body about 300 bones in adulthood there are only 206.
-human Body contains as much fat as you need to produce 7 bars of soap.
-Nervnye Pulses in the human body is moving at about 90 meters per second.
-human Hair thicker soap film is about 5,000 times.
36,800,000 - the number of heartbeats a person for one year.
Were male about 10 times more often than women suffer from color blindness.
-Zheludochny Man juice containing 0, 4% hydrochloric acid (HCl).
-almost Half of all human bones are located in wrists and feet.
-Srednevekovye Doctors when in doubt in the diagnosis diagnosed "syphilis».
-People With blue eyes are more sensitive to pain than the rest.
-Nogti On the fingers of his hands grow about 4 times faster than on foot.
-For The lifetime of the human skin is replaced about 1,000 times.
-There Are more than 100 different viruses that cause a runny nose.
-When A smile at the person "working" 17 muscles.
-The Body of an adult, about 75 kilometers (!) Of nerves.
-Bulemiya - This indomitable appetite.
-Partenofobiya - A fear of virgins.
-Scientific Name navel - umbilikus.
, A phenomenon in which light from a strong person loses the ability to see is called "snow blindness"


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