Two principle in man.

God created man, gave him not only the material shell, but also the will: the absolute right of free choice. Each of us has the right to act in accordance with its principles.

In the process of evolution, when faced with real life, with real difficulties, people develop and improve. Life is constantly giving and gives us the opportunity for self-development.

If there were no problems, and present only one sweet syrup, the person would not be able to fulfill your potential. Together with us and develop our source. Difficulties, problems, sickness and pain are necessary to move the evolution; a person is forced under pressure to develop problems, although it is pretty slow. Sometimes you have to go down to the bottom, it will not be properly understood until lecture prepodnesёnnaya life.

This explains why so many sufferings, understands humanity. Slowly, step by step, centimeter by centimeter civilization moves forward. In our universe, where everything is interconnected, any slightest change for the better makes the whole world a little happier. We all together make up the collective consciousness, and what we add to it, comes back to us back then.

We are a driving force in the development process. All that we do for a living, is automatically done for all, t. To. We are all part of it. What's good for one is good for everyone. Welcome to themselves and to others living, this is the strongest transforming power. Such power is not a counter-force, it does not have the negative side, it never leads to loss or despair. Means to increase their inner strength to do good, without requiring payment. But this should be done not for selfish reasons.

According to Darwin evolution is determined randomly, that gives the following picture of the world: bloody teeth and claws, an endless series of meaningless terrible battle for survival! In fact, a huge role in the evolution of co-operation plays beings.

Man was created by God was to live a full life, both in the profession, in social activities and in the family.

True spiritual life is one where a person can reveal itself: the life of a citizen, family man, employee, etc.
Spirituality is manifested through the professional, social and personal life. It is impossible to achieve perfection, separating the inner from the outer spiritual life, it's like living in a house that has no foundation. This home will gradually subside, to crack, and then completely fall apart.

You can not be spiritual wall separating themselves from others without feeling responsible for others and helping his neighbor. Man can rise to the level of the divine only through earthly life. By focusing only on yourself, paying attention only to itself, the person can not demonstrate love for his neighbor.

This love of neighbor implies first of all to be honest in their deeds and fair to the others. This life is not difficult person, but feigned piety, renunciation of the world - it's just difficult and not necessary. Here we again come to that, what we repeat all the great of this world: man is created for happiness. To live and enjoy life. Reveal yourself, develop your skills and thus be beneficial to all others - that's the purpose of life, given to us by God
Our life is often confusing, hectic and with a bunch of flaws. But the potential we can live a harmonious and full of life. We need to change themselves, get out of control of his own ego, to realize this potential available. As soon as we give up our "AMD", we will open the road to happiness. Even in the hearth of the disaster people can flourish. Listen to your inner wisdom, it often does not correspond to your own beliefs, but do something that is in your heart and soul.

According to the theory of evolution, we play together the product of billions of cells that make up our body. We are hostages helix DNA, or as he wrote one of the discoverers of the structure of human genetic Sir Francis Crick (Sir Francis Crick) in his book "What the soul really?" "We have nothing more than a pack of neurons."

But our body is not only a complex chemical processes and a set of genes, but also a living system, the exchange of information which takes place at the level of subatomic world. Cells and DNA communicate by means of wave oscillations. Man is not isolated from the rest of the world, and is closely associated with him. The human mind has an incredible power, which can be cured both an individual and the world in general.

We have the ability to change the world according to our desires. Man is not only a product of evolution, which lasted millions of years, not only the genetic machine. There is something more, that some call the Holy Spirit, as scientists describe as a decentralized, but at the same time, one mind, which is much bigger and more wonderful than imagined Newton or Darwin.

And this mind controls all processes in the universe, preventing accidents and chaos, and does it intelligently, purposefully. With this in our dynamic flow of life order is always triumfiruet. Recent discoveries show that a person has a great potential, which previously no one even suspected. We just need to learn how to use the fact that we have incorporated.

This will help us raise the level of our spiritual and material life. The scientific world is now talking more and more towards religion. Develop whole branches of science, where the emphasis is on man. We come to that, what we kept telling centuries folk wisdom, folklore and cultural heritage of their ancestors. Now the folk and religious myths, in which people believed for centuries, without having any evidence confirmed scientifically. So, what mankind has always known, finally begin to perceive and we.

We are no longer lonely creatures who desperately struggling for survival. We were never alone, but have always been a huge part of the whole. Higher Power has consistently supported us and helped us in all situations. We are endowed with immense power, our life is in our hands.

"Man is so little can also see the nothingness from which it is composed, like the infinity in which he oblichёn.»
Pascal (1623 - 1662)

Our ego - this is the opposite of the divine in us. God gave us the ability to act not only guided by the highest divine, but also to follow your ego, otherwise it would be impossible to talk about the right of free choice. Everything would already be predefined - we would have been from the beginning by angels, not having passed in front of this independent path of development
Two principle in man can be explained as another example of critical circumstances: When a person is in conflict situations or involved in any dispute, there are fighting two wolves
One of them is full of rage, hatred, bitterness, greed, and revenge. The second is full of love, kindness, compassion and reconciliation. Which of them will win in a man? The one which he would feed. The second wolf - the wolf of love - is the divine essence within us. Think of John: "God is love" (1 John 4, 8.)

Our inner being is our relationship with God. The love in your heart is man, reinforces this relationship and contributes even more strong support from God, hatred and evil are separated from our God.

Once a person casts off the lead weight of their own ego, he, like a cork in the sea, automatically under the influence of his power comes out of the water surface. Once a person adopts for himself divine (highly spiritual) principles of life, positive attitude to the environment, that unbeknownst to himself, he begins to change for the better, that brings into his life (as in the life close to him living) a lot of good.

Following his ego, indulging his desires, we will move away from its essence of spiritual, which leads to misery and disease. Say goodbye to your ego stop to worship him as God and turn to face the truly divine, it will give power to solve any problem, it will help with the heavy illness. Everyone who acknowledges God will call him to help; I do not care what name to turn to God who has applied to be heard and supported.

The trust in the infinite divine love in itself acts preobrazhayusche. Sometimes, in times of despair it is the only thing that powerfully supports the person and give him support.

In all the religions and cultures of the world, in a variety of spiritual writings and popular Paphos is said that God answers him who turns to him with enthusiasm, deep feeling, persistently and consistently. It does not matter, you get up for a long time and only now on the path leading to God, above all, that plays a role that you embarked on this path to God!

Consciously going to the bosom of God, a man jumps in the development of the small "I" to high "I", this transformation makes a person stronger, it leads to confidence, courage and personal dignity, instead of earlier occurring self-abasement and samonadrugatelstvu. Full transition to God brings peace, but a partial transfer or transfer to certain conditions, brings lasting doubts. Our life is supported and nourished from the eternal source and can not be divorced from it. As soon as we lose touch with God, we are gradually losing our lives.

In each of us there is something great and wonderful; at the same time it does not care what happened to you in life, what your age is now, you are young, or in years. At this point, when you start the "right" to think it is wonderful in you, he that lies deep within you that power is in you, which is greater than the whole world begins to emerge. It will take your life into your own hands. It will nourish you. She will wear you. It will guide you, protect and guide, and she will guard your life. But if you let it! Do not die without having played his music!

"To realize itself is consciously be connected to the source of origin. Once the connection is made, the failure can not be greater. »
Swami Paramananda

Abandoning ego and guided by the principles of his divine nature, man is able to live on Earth as in Heaven. In the Bible it is said so:

Jesus was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, he answered them: The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be, and do not say, "Here, here! 'Or' Here, there." For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
Luke (17: 20, 21)

You were born that would give something to the world that the world has become even better and more perfect. You were born to be bigger and better than you were yesterday.

You are not American, German, Russian, Polish, Italian or African; You are a man of the race called humanity.

You are not a man or a woman, a liberal or conservative; you are the manifestation of God, you are part of the one divine essence, you have always been and will be connected to the divine source and therefore has unlimited power.


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