These exercises Zhou Lyutszina return gray hair to its original color

"The hair - are the remnants of the blood." According to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, hair, feed on blood.

Tszyhe Zhang, who lived under the Qin Dynasty, wrote in his treatise "How to take care of pundits about their parents": "The cause of gray hair, and a white trihomadeza dandruff is excessive blood fever┬╗

. Lee Chan, who lived during the Ming Dynasty, in his treatise "Medical ABC" went further, writing: "With blood excess hair moisturized, blood deficiency hair deteriorate, if the blood is restless, hair yellow, if the blood dies down, the hair turns gray┬╗
It seems that the graying of hair is closely linked with blood. Can we then do something to restore graying hair to its former color? The answer is yes. According to medical texts, physical and breathing exercises, which are starokitayskom language called "dao-yin" can help remove the obstacles to the circulation of qi (vital energy) and blood, and have a very beneficial effect in such a situation.

This exercise has been described in the treatise Lyutszina Zhou, who lived during the reign of the Ming Dynasty.

At 1 am or 12 pm, sit straight, putting a brush in the other, and focus your mind, discarding any distracting thoughts. both eyes look mentally aspirants to the crown of the head, as a result of yin and yang rise naturally from the sacrum along the spine to the crown. Then flow to the nose, chin and throat, and then through the middle of the chest and abdomen in the Tan Tien point located 10 cm below the navel. If exercise is done nine times, it will add vitality, fill qi and blood, will return gray hair of their former color.

In another text - "General Treatise on the etiology and symptomatology of gray hair, and the root causes of disease" - under the heading "health preservation recipe, dao yin exercises" are given three methods:

a) getting up in the morning, raise your right arm over your head and take her left ear, and then lift your left hand and grab it by the head of the right ear. At the same time with both hands, pull up the ears (Fig. 10-6). After that, pull the arms up hair and beard (for lack of a beard pull the chin). This will help to improve the circulation of qi and blood in his beard and hair;

b) sit on the floor, extend your legs, stretch your arms, hands, fingers to the ups feet (metatarsal), fold in half, his head touching his knees (Fig. 10-7). This helps to strengthen the spine, promotes qi and blood circulation in hair roots and maintains healthy hair for a long time. After that, sit on a chair, relax your legs, your legs at 30 cm, clasp hands smallest plots shin, just above the ankles, and bend forward, trying to bring her head to the floor. Do this 12 times (Fig. 10-8). Strengthening the spine in this manner helps to maintain good health and to direct vital energy to wet the hair, to ensure their good growth and color, softness and radiance;

c) Bend your knees into a sitting position, the hips do not touch the floor and form right angles to the shins. Tilt your torso down, grasp the toes with both hands and keep them pointing upward. Thereafter, lower head as close to the floor (Fig. 10-9). This exercise helps to fully translate the vitality of the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys in the head. It can be cured deafness and weakness of vision. If persistently perform this exercise for a long time, to the gray hair can return to their former color.

In his treatise "Yes Tun Lei jeou fan," says: "A good hair color is obtained from the blood of abundance. Comb them every day. " In the "Book of Life Extension" says: "Often comb the hair 120 times." In other words, you should often comb the hair. Of course, it is not limited to the comb 120 moves once daily. Frequent brushing is useful for scalp and hair roots of the skin, improves metabolism (Fig. 10-10).

Actually scalp massage is more effective than hair combing. Before going to sleep or waking up after a morning of massage head, drawing his index and middle fingers on the skin of a small circle, starting from the forehead and through the crown to the nape, then the forehead through the temples on each side of the head on the neck. Make such massage twice a day for 10-15 minutes. Rub and knead the scalp with a frequency of 30-40 times per minute. With regular massage, the results are good (Fig. 10-11).

Since scalp massage improves blood circulation, hair follicles receive more power is generated more melanin (pigment giving color), and at the same time eliminates obstacles to transmission channels of melanin, thus returning to their original gray hair color.


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