But who needs it except me!

I often hear the advice from women: “nothing, Nothing, make it bounce! Still such as I, he will not find” and men: “but who needs it except me!”.

And what makes you so unique? Because often the unique in you for that person – that he loves you. Everything else in the world are widely presented: there are more intelligent, there are more stupid than you, is kinder, is more calculating, are more educated, have a very secondary education, are slender, have a stocky build, is very beautiful, there is usually something for every taste and millions of options. Not a problem – to find someone with amazing abs, if it's important to find an erudite, if this quality is especially valuable, delicate and responsive... As you... Or more... you Or not like you...

All of these qualities, by and large, doesn't matter, because both men and women are looking for THEIR man. But if you have ceased to be such for another or he was not ever, no your uniqueness in whatever it will not help to save the relationship.

Many people create couples still do not know what are men and women in principle, what distinguishes their psychology, what are they. To live with a man is to know one particular man, to live with one woman, to touch the understanding of one woman, and, as a rule, even need arises to figure out what the world lives another man, as he builds his inferences, from which motives proceed. It is sufficient to impose on the partner of your perception – and possible for decades to pull the marriage from scandal to scandal.

And only once in the free world men and women can understand... the Breakfast in the morning from a woman – not an automatic concern. That respect from men – is not a priori assumed. That developed people do a little, and those who will be the same as in the Outlook of at least a quarter – units. That aid is not the natural way, and keeping one's word and keeping promises – qualities that are not inherent in all people. When the fruit is forbidden, either – seems sweet. In the free choice for many the truth is revealed that the attraction is as thin a thing as common ground and it happens very rarely...

In General, before you throw slogans, sometimes should take a closer look to the fact that they already have. Maybe this is your native and close person, and he already has a lot of advantages and makes you a lot of good, not saying a word.

Once in the free swimming, you can certainly find one man. Can if you're ready to change. Having all those beliefs that we have now, you will see the world entirely from the other side, after passing through a few dates... And many more will never find a couple, because now have the best that their unchangeable identity and rigid principles was possible. And you're disappointed in life... And it's just experience.

The stronger people cling to their beliefs (especially those containing “never”, “never”, “under any circumstances”) and believe that everything about life and themselves understood, the more likely that the universe will provide situations in which these beliefs are greatly shaken. And lifelong learning published by...


Author: Lilia Ahremchik


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