The guardian of the last frontier: Who admits men into my life

Imagine your life is a Solar system. The Central star in it, around which revolve all the planets, is you yourself, your self. To the nearest orbit, which revolves around the Sun, mercury, is located the family: family, loved ones. In the following, the one which goes Venus, precious people that separated from you a little further. For example, friends. There are in your personal Solar system and its earthlings and the Martians, the inhabitants of Jupiter... the Number of orbits from each person can be different: someone just two laps of the degrees of proximity, and someone ten or fifteen.

Sixteen million three hundred twenty nine thousand two hundred forty five

Today we won't explore those circles that are closest to my heart, and dwell on the farthest, in the orbit of Pluto. Dark, strange, unsettling — whether it still deserves the status of a planet, whether the astronomers had demoted him to the asteroids.

What is it important that our distant Pluto? The fact that new people come into our lives only one way — appear at the beginning as casual acquaintances, and being admitted to the outer circle, gradually getting closer, build a relationship with us. Or not approaching if we do not want.

And in each of our orbits is Warder that opens the gate and lets in our lives the new man — deeper and deeper. Or does not admit, if he has reason to be. Let's see who shall face control on the most distant frontiers and what principles he is guided? What is his opinion about the new men in your life, how can they instill confidence in him?


The guards come in several types (Yes, they too can be classified as all the men).


The guard with premature issues

Some girls have the guard already on the farthest outskirts asks a very serious question: it is incomprehensible and hardly distinguishable traveler do as a husband to my mistress or not? And regret it? He has lots of money how much? Similarly, if he wants kids? This approach girls is usually attributed to a desire "not to waste time in vain." I don't want to chat, meet, if you're not sure in advance if the relationship has a future? But the fact is that at this distance, proximity is simply impossible to understand, is suitable to you or not. Not even the fact that men, but just in the sides for the next 15 minutes to "drink coffee".

Girls trying to save time and effort, and this supply the appearance of their guards the ultra-modern and efficient optics that he is already on the horizon figured out, Yes, it's approaching the man in the couple, or trying to acquire an extensive spy network to gather information about him in advance. This leads to the fact that the guard just boils and burns out the brain. He is not able to cope with the problem, which is obviously impossible.

Believe me, two or three meetings in reality is a much more effective method to understand what kind of person appeared in your life than any attempts previously to see him "at a distance". Telescopes and spy is too energy intensive and expensive. It is better to accept at least a brief audience.

Sometimes even so, that the guard on the far side of the single. If a new person was ignored, then he is free to follow all the way to the heart, because others simply do not. The exit here is to expand the staff, spread between the new guards of duty, to put other colleagues to help the guard with Pluto on each of the subsequent lines.


Mystically minded guard

His questions are premature, but affect even religious and mystical aspect. As to whether It was sent to me by God? And not the evil one if I sent It as a temptation? And if I'm in love with Him? As to whether He Is the Man of My Dreams, a romantic ideal one?

In our life there are many people that anybody and for anything not sent. They just came to me. And you also have free will, you can invite anyone you like to visit, without waiting for signs of thunder and lightning from Heaven. It can only be your choice and responsibility. And this is the freedom of the human person.


The guard, which attracts danger

Some of the guards are in collusion with the robbers, raids on your lands. I am categorically opposed to any form of blame the victime, but if your life periods of "sitting in the shell" and "depth to bottom" interspersed with dangerous adventures with the frequency of black and white stripes on the Zebra, it's a serious reason for going to a psychologist.

Our unconscious believes that it's a dangerous world and dangerous men, this picture is somehow comfortable for him, but because it attracts of the situation, confirming this picture.

Invited into the company of unfamiliar men in someone's apartment, and then they tried to rape me and I miraculously escaped by jumping from the third floor into the snow barefoot.

Got in the car to unfamiliar Caucasian horsemen on the streamer, and then sensed that a thing is amiss, and barely had begged them to drop me off at a deserted bus stop.

The guard proves that the world is dangerous, and that he is very much needed. Well, dear, again tried to "go out"? See how it ended? Well, I just happened to be there. And if you do not want to increase my salary, see how I protect you? Sit better behind strong walls, will not put out, and then what?

It is possible that the guard itself secretly in love with his Queen and doesn't want her anywhere don't let go, but because it specifically creates a picture of threat to peace and threat to the other men that she belonged to him completely and will not run away.


Lazy guard

Him uninteresting people, no desire to examine each and understand its varieties as the varieties of what is known. If you want to go, then let them take the initiative, building bridges and ladders. It is necessary to them. Not him.

Experience shows that the best masters of the bridges and stairs are professional conquerors of female hearts, philanderers and womanizers often married. If your environment has a high percentage of the married ladies ' man, perhaps the reason is that the guard on your borders behaves as if employed in a provincial Museum of half-time and during working hours he prefers to wipe breech breech pants on the same chair, and not to pretend (at least!) that monitors the room.

A clever adventurer hankering for Antiques, easily pass undetected by such a sloth.


A rough guard

— Let?

— Not allow!

— Sorry?

— Never forgive!

Some girls is the program default, to prevent any attempts of contacts with them at the root, even polite and friendly. To the question of why they are doing so, girls often respond that they don't know what to do with all this huge number of people who want to get in their lives.

People are starting to strain just in case, if they just allowed too close. The orbit of Pluto is so good that she has a giant square and there is enough space for everyone. By the way, it is possible that in your life just a few orbits, they all do not fit. In this case, between Pluto and the Sun should be added a number of intermediate circles of intimacy.


Also interesting: it seems that he is impeccable...

Sexologist Alexander Poleev I was always amazed at how women believe men

 Healthy guard

Its requirements are minimal. At the entrance of the subway: "it is Forbidden to be in a condition of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, food and drinks".

His rule — "better to let the man, than not to admit". He has the right to be wrong, he does not write themselves in a bad the guards and not dismissed, if inadvertently let someone. Someone who doesn't behave as you would like with you in principle, possible. Besides, if he let someone on the far frontiers in vain, then he has every right to refuse this person in future visits. He has every right any of your guests to say no at any time convenient for you. This guard is well aware that none of them has a lifetime right of access to your heart, and only you decide who you nice and who is not.


Author: Olga Gumanova


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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