5 exercises at your Desk

Not just exercise, but in GIF-images – clear and easy to remember. Apply on the problem areas – thighs and butt tightened almost on the eyes, not to mention the beautiful ballet arms and posture. Besides to make them fun – the mood rises looking at pictures and they are great to relieve work stress.

1. Kegel

This exercise can be done in full view of everyone, but secretly – you just reduce the muscles of the inner thigh and vagina, sitting at the Desk, as if really want to pee, but holding back. Reduce and relax the muscles in the pulsing mode at intervals – and you'd be surprised how elastic will be your hips and how much pleasure you get from sex.

2. Wall

Sit in a half squat at the nearest wall and hold the pose for at least 3 seconds (preferably 20-30). Repeat with 5 minutes intervals, 4-6 approaches. Well trains the muscles of the hips, elasticity and relief.

3. Turns at the table

We usually forget about the obliques, but they provide elasticity in this zone. So if you are worried about the sagging skin on the abdomen, the rule is to make turns, sitting on the chair – right-left, right-left, as much as possible.

4. Hands up

A simple but effective exercise for the biceps – not to worry "my hands are shaking like jelly". Yes, but look surrounding you in this position? You can become the most favorite employee in the office thanks to this exercise! For example, it can be done every time someone from the colleagues nearby opens his lunch box and begins to eat. Your colleagues will think you approve of their meals and you will not be able to love)

5. Leg swings

Herding the excess fat with the calves and hips, improves blood circulation in the legs. Imagine that your feet is made of wood. Lift them up above the floor, is now slightly lower, not touching the ground, right leg (left in the same position), then the same with the left. Continue for 2 minutes.


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