The girl demanded that the guy got rid of the dog. And then he posted this ad

Not all people love animals. Someone can not live without Pets, and someone not tolerate any animals at home. It is with the second type of fate brought a guy named Getzen.

After 4 years of relationship, he decided that the time has come to finally move in with his girlfriend. But he had no idea how much girlfriend hate his dog Molly. The girl put Getzen ultimatum and demanded to get rid of the dog, whatever it may cost. I thought about this problem, the guy put an ad in the newspaper.

Will give for free in good hands

"My girlfriend doesn't like my dog Molly. So I'll have to find her a new home. She's a pure blood, of the good of the region and gave me my 4 years. She likes to play games, but she's not really trained. She has long hair, so it requires a bit more careful maintenance, especially the nails.

But she likes taking care of them. Not sleeping and the noise all night and sleeps when I work. Eats only the best and most expensive. NEVER will meet you at the door after a long day of work and never will give unconditional love, even if you are bad. Does not bite, but can easily make one of hell of a setup!

So... if someone is interested in my 30-year-old, selfish, angry, materialistic girl, come and get it! My dog and I want it soon moved to another house. Urgent!"


Life will be easier if you understand these things before 40

School, nostalgic



A few days after placing the ad Getzen updated it, and added that the girl was returned to the breeders, that is my family, and he and Molly are looking for a new friend.published





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