How to collect and store apples

Apple is one of the most popular fruits intended for winter storage. However a good of keeping capacity, you must follow certain rules to avoid losing a crop in a short time.

Storage suitable for autumn and winter varieties of apples. When properly organized storage of the fruits of winter varieties you can save up to APR.

What affects storage life:

The term of removal of fruits

Autumn varieties are removed when the skin of the Apple acquires a peculiar sort color, and the seeds have turned brown (usually September). If the fruit is to remove too early or late, they will not be stored and will become mealy.

Winter apples are removed at the end of September-early October. Time of removal coincides with the so-called detachable maturity at this time, the fruit is hard and malosedobnaya. Only after some time they "reach" and comes consumer maturity: the apples take the real taste. One of the signs of the onset of the removable maturity of winter varieties, in the morning after a quiet night under the tree you can find 5-6 apples with no visible damage and disease.

Method of removal of apples

Apples intended for storage, remove very carefully, avoiding bruises and compressions. Moreover, they should not be mechanical damage of the skin. Apples possible capture the whole palm and "Unscrew" the fetus, turning around its axis. Apples intended for storage, should retain the stem. Once the Apple was in your hands, gently, not throwing, put it in a bucket or basket.

Stacking the removed apples in a bucket of apples or shifting to permanent storage, do it by hand, not by sprinkling, once all the fruit that they are not to beat. The wax coating that covers the fruit, also do not need to wash — it protects the fruit from rot and mold.

While shifting another look at the fruits and storage keep only clean and undamaged by pests or diseases. If you harvest used harvest collecting device, be even more careful, as it is a tool can damage the delicate skin.

Placing your apples in the store

It is best to do it as quickly as possible immediately after harvest.

The storage location

Apples country farm store in cellars or basements. The room must be dry, free of mold and odors. It is optimal to store fruits in a separate room where there are fresh vegetables, especially potatoes, and pickles. The best storage temperature is 0-2°C.

In large rooms the fruits are kept on special shelves, the shelves or in the drawers. Apples are thus placed in a single layer rows. In principle, they do not require cushioning material. You can share all the fruits from each other with cardboard tabs, or wrap each fruit separately in paper.


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If the place is not much, storage use shallow wooden boxes on legs, which put one on the other. They also put fruit in a single layer.

With this method of storing fruits do not require additional bulkheads, as it can also reduce the shelf life.published




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