Secret communication: closeness without any obligation

No, we are not talking about secret agents and not even about relationships in which there is a third, but we know this only two. In this article I want to share my observations and thoughts on situations where a man and a woman are in a relationship, but one of them (at least sometimes both) refuses to talk about his connection important people. Met these stories?

It happens that people meet over the years, and to meeting his parents, sharing get-togethers with friends, meetings in public places, it never comes. To the questions "When do I get to see your mom?""And your friend knows that I exist?", "Girls from your company know that you have a boyfriend?""And why don't you post on his page photographs from our joint trips?"your partner gives evasive answers "Oh, my parents are busy people," "don't like to talk about my life to strangers," "come not this time", etc. Are the norm like "spy game"?


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Often, girls and young people letters with stories about how good they are with their "soul mate", how excited they are to each other as a warm and fun to spend time alone, but bad luck, anyone he/she says about me.

In the beginning of the relationship, this format can be quite appropriate, because to know each other, you need some time (ideally, of course, to know each other well and ourselves to become better acquainted), and in a large and noisy company is not always able to talk on a deep topic.

But gradually, when the two realize that they want to move on to a more intimate relationship, the most natural way starts to happen the "system expansion" — a bit forgotten in the period of love friends begin to regain the place in our lives, parents and other loved ones can hear some stories about meeting new and amazing person in General, you want to show close to the heart of man a secret world. This is under normal scenarios of events, but it happens and many other options.

It happens that the parental family of our partner-not very successful — mother hysteria at every opportunity, does not mince words even in the presence of guests, father "is good, but when he drinks, becomes a beast" or to infinity talks is not very funny and all the boring history. Ailing grandparents living in the same apartment with parents, or just not very emotional and friendly moms and dads who are not too located to receive guests and to meet suddenly announced the sons of his beloved child.

Ideally, the parents should wish their children happiness in separate adult family life, but in practice families are very common relationships codependency and there are cases when a mother or father quite seriously believe that "no woman or man can't make happy my son or daughter as it can make me." Difficult scenario, but, alas, quite common. Well, how do you think your partner will burn with desire to acquaint you with your parents?

Sometimes it happens that the partner does not understand what he wanted from life, including relations with you, so there's no hurry to introduce you to my inner circle. Here it would be good to let him decide and don't rush to play struggling role of a good wife or a good husband.

Whether we like it or not, but you get used to the person (not machine), and if you dream drawn house, car, family and children, clash with reality can be very painful if it turns out that nothing that the second person can give you. And not much is going. It is clear that we are responsible for your own feelings, and there is no sense to shift it to a partner, but getting burned is always painful, so it is better to agree "on the shore".

In these stories need to be very careful, so you do not suffer from unfulfilled expectations. Serious minded people will try to build relationships with your parental family, even if they have it difficult, at least you justify your position, why is that better to wait with meet the parents, but familiarity with friends anyway will take place. But if your man of these doubters, here it is better not to hurry with fantasies regarding a future together.

I think there's a lot of beautiful explanations, they say, we are not in a hurry to tell your friends about our Union, so we are not jinxed, with friends we know because we have completely different to their parents to go not in a hurry as everyone is busy and working, but if you just take a closer look at all of the above, it often turns out that we and/or our partner in the environment and there are no people who can share the joy from the appearance of the loved one in your life?

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Perhaps in the case of belonging to public professions not everyone will want to open your relationship on display, but a close circle of people in any case will be in the course of events. If a person has a good relationship with friends, what's the point to infinity to hide the fact, who chose the heart? If an open relationship in the family, at least parents in absentia and the person will know about each other. If different companies, or will any third General, either there is a compromise in communicating with our friends men or women.


The courage to love in the power of the soul

Acid and alone


If you are satisfied with your partner alone, is not reason enough to think a sequel can have such a relationship? First think, and then clarify the matter in conversations with his "second half". Most often it's not that we don't tell it like it is, and that very much do not want to hear the truth, especially when the imagination went far beyond the real situation, because the most common scenario of the secret relationship is physical intimacy "no strings attached". published  


Author: Dean Richards




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