Women, which cannot be come at in any case other Rules for men (18+)

1. If a girl offers you sex, and you for some reason can't accept the kind offer, you're not telling her the truth about crooked teeth and long noses. You say the ritual phrase: "I can't". On issues like this, should be nothing to answer, but pointedly sigh and shake your head.

2. If a girl is a virgin, she obliged you to warn about it. And don't be offended if you decide to sneak out until later. Here because it's not that you'd be a bad Gagarin, because you are the first to fly into space. You just don't want to hurt the delicate psyche.

3. The list of women, which cannot be come at in any case:

  • girlfriend is your friend;
  • sister of your girlfriend;
  • your girlfriend's mother.
Eighty four million two hundred thirty three thousand eight hundred eleven

4. Who to pick up, only with a view to serious relationship:

  • sister your friend;
  • a friend of a girl you just met;
  • ex-girlfriend of your friend;
  • the daughter of your friend.
5. If you, after, that same night had sex (see one-time adventure), means that tomorrow you'll leave and never see each other. The right call to move to a new category of relationship in this case rests with you.

6. If you're Dating a girl more than three times and made no attempt to sleep with her — you bastard, trying to make her gift to waste precious biological clock.

7. If you met more than two times, then after sex you need to call. At least in order to say thank you. But you can get rid of sms-coy.

8. If you dated a girl more than ten times and still do not attempt to sleep with her, once you pass into the category of friends. Now she can when you change clothes, walk with you to the bath and to tell you about their men. Now if you try to hit on her with his sex, you're the villain who has attempted to light the concept of friendship.

9. If you're an honest way dated a girl for more than a hundred times, and then suddenly you have sex, it means that you have had good sex, which is irrelevant.

10. After a friendly sex you have no right to be jealous.

11. If after the friendly sex you in a month again could not resist the temptation — so you have started a relationship. With all the bag related responsibilities.

12. While you're in and from time to time have sex, you are a free people. As long as some of you will not open your mouth and utter the password: "Ya tebya lyublyu". After uttering the password, you either make a relationship or break up.

13. If the password was uttered during sex or in a deep state of alcoholic intoxication, it is considered invalid.

14. If a man and a woman just meet, then, faced with his partner, accompanied by someone else, they have to pretend that strangers, not to put each other in an awkward position. If desired, the meeting can then discuss in a humorous way.

15. The relationship in the first place suggest that from now on you are Dating and not sleeping with anyone but each other. If this prospect does not cause someone of you exceptional delight, it is better to warn in advance.

16. The first few weeks after the start of the relationship is quite excusable sometimes to have sex with their previous partners because everyone understands that to leave here once and for all — it is not very easy. Importantly, the details of these separations no one would know.

17. If a girl got pregnant, she is obliged to tell you. In the end, in this case you also put a piece of myself and now have the right to request a report on investments.

18. If a girl got pregnant, and you're during sex used a condom and did not ask if she drinks the pill, you have the right to insist that she kept the pregnancy.

19. If the girl is pregnant, you made her an offer and she refused, good tone requires to wait until she will toxicity, and speak again. Maybe this time she will not appear in this case such a strange expression.

20. If you're married, you must inform the girl gathered to have sex (except for the single adventure).

21. A year after you moved in together, the girl has the right to call you "my husband" regardless of the availability of relevant sakalak in her passport. And not to think too much, there's nothing to think about. Simply you can say "my girlfriend". And she what's your name? «My young man?» «Roommate?» "The man that we're doing that with some degree of optimism can be called housework"? And "husband" is as simple and quick as a sneeze, and requires no further explanation.

22. In each apartment where live together a man and a woman should be two TVs with two remotes. It is a law of nature. Schumacher and Shevchenko won't like your favorite babysitter.

23. To check calls and messages on someone else's cell phone — a more serious offence than to store on this mobile love letters from foreign citizens. The scandal in this case is entitled to arrange one whose phone has become a burglary victim.

24. A man will never raise a woman's hand. Even if she was capoeirista heavy weight. For lifting for women, there are other parts of the body.

25. At any stage of communication man can give a woman gifts (exactly and Vice versa), and it will mean nothing. But not the ring. The ring means something. After receiving a gift of a ring girl has a right to expect something.

26. If one of our permanent partners in the relationship will make brief visits "to the left", the second has every right to do the same. But only if the first was stupid enough to confess.

27. If the fact of change became known to the partner, the guilty party has the right to lead in his defense is monstrous in its futility and the improbability of excuses. Such excuses must be perceived by the injured party, not as mockery, but as a desperate attempt to save the relationship.

28. Only the faint of heart, insecure losers announce breakup sms-coy. So, of course, the safest way, but it is not our method.


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29. Ex-husband got drunk before the green lizard, has the right to call the night my ex-wife and ask her why she broke his whole life. But no more than three calls in one night. He also has the right to fall into her door and sweetly fall asleep on the rug in the hallway, but not more often three times a year. Instead, he is obliged at any moment to come at her call with a drill and a screwdriver to perform a simple male chores around the house.

30. The concept of "simple male housework" sex is not included. But it may enter in mutual nonresistance of the parties. published  


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