Wife was cooking the eggs, when suddenly the kitchen was run by her husband. Then — a joke!

The website tells a joke!

Fonstola.gigena cooked eggs, when the kitchen ran her husband... He looked at the eggs in the pan, and cried in horror:

— Be careful! CAREFULLY! You need to add a little more oil! Oh my God! Faster!
Amazed by the rapid reaction of the husband, the woman ran to the refrigerator to get butter.
You're taking too long they are fried! Turn eggs! Turn them over NOW!
"What's with him? Quite mad!", — ran through the head of his wife. She throws the oil runs to the pan.
— I told you that we NEED OIL!!! How long can you wait? They will burn! FASTER!
The woman have enough oil.
— Be careful with eggs! You NEVER listen to me while cooking! Turn them over quickly! Oh, well, not so fast! Don't you know how to cook?! Turn it off them at last!
My wife almost started crying because she was lost and didn't know what to do.
Her trembling voice asked:
What's wrong with you? I know how to cook eggs.
And the husband smiled and replied:
I just wanted you to understand how I feel when I go in the car with you.

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