Everyone knows that the raw pumpkin seeds are one of the most popular folk remedies to combat parasites - with their help, people always get rid of intestinal worms, but today they for this purpose may appoint doctors.

Unlike many medicines, pumpkin seeds, and do not cause toxic side effects and can be safely used as an anthelmintic not only for adults but also for children. However, the toxin, which is afraid of parasites, they have - it's called cucurbitin, and not dangerous to humans.

For example, you can grind to a powder of about 300 grams of seeds, add honey, grind until smooth, and very slowly, in portions, to eat within an hour - on an empty stomach. After 4-5 hours to take castor oil or the like laxative.

2) the source of phosphorus and zinc

Phosphorus and zinc contained in the seeds, to improve the circulatory system and brain.

Men pumpkin seeds are useful precisely because they have a lot of zinc - a male body needs in this element is much more than women. Zinc prevents inflammation and the appearance of prostate cancer, so every man, it is desirable to eat a pumpkin up to 60 grains per day. This is especially important for men who are engaged mainly in mental work, and at the same time move a little.

 - HAIR:
Due to the high content of zinc pumpkin seeds are also beneficial to people who fall and grow dull hair often appears acne disappear taste. These manifestations accompanied by an acute shortage of zinc in the body.
The active ingredients of pumpkin seeds have a beneficial effect on the hair follicles, so they are sometimes used in the treatment of alopecia - baldness.

3) With a lack of zinc
A handful of pumpkin seeds for a day for several weeks to help restore the balance of this item, to save people from internal and external manifestations of its deficiency.

Zinc and Phosphorus is also required for the normal functioning of the digestive system, the work of the musculoskeletal and reproductive systems, eye health.

AS IS pumpkin seeds?

1) The use of pumpkin seed eases kidney and urinary tract. When urinary retention and inflammatory processes use pumpkin seeds with hemp seed - 1: 1.

2) You can drink a decoction of pumpkin seeds or make compresses: grind 100 g of pumpkin and flax seeds, grind to a pulp with water and apply on the kidneys.

3) When kidney disease, cystitis, cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis and take pumpkin "Milk." To do this, 50 grams of seeds treated with 20 g grind sugar and 80 ml of water and taken before meals.
Contained in the seeds nutrients have a slight diuretic and laxative effect, helps with flatulence and may even excrete heavy metals - such as lead, and fiber helps to normalize blood sugar levels - so the propensity to diabetes pumpkin seeds are also useful.

4) exhausted people pumpkin seeds help to restore a healthy weight; colds they help soften dry cough and reduce the temperature; reduce lung and stomach bleeding.

5) If you drink the broth overnight pumpkin seeds, cooked in water, it will help to calm down and fall asleep faster. Some researchers believe that the seeds micronutrients can remove the pain of angina, and so they should be consumed with a propensity to cardiovascular disease.

The fat component of pumpkin seeds - are high-quality vegetable oil, which is mainly composed of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids - low molecular weight compounds. This pumpkin seeds removed from the body excess cholesterol, improves the nutrition of the heart muscle, regulate cell growth, protect them from harmful influences, restore and rejuvenate; supplying us with energy and slow down aging.


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