Just one question, which will show what is really important to you

Every day we hear only that means success for others: cool cars, gourmet delicacies, house by the sea, the work in a large company. A pile of articles that tell about successful people from all over the world and reminded that you still have not earned much money.

Today Editorial Website has prepared for you an important article that will put everything in its place, reminding that happiness at everyone.

Ask yourself one question, which once and for all put everything life priorities: « When I'm 100 years old, and I look back on my life that make me think that my time has been well spent?» .

You'll feel like you've spent your time wisely, earning enough money? Or you will be happy knowing that you are very much helped in this way? Maybe happiness is still in the study all parts of the earth?

The answer to this question will give you my definition of success. Write it down. And keep to yourself to always remember to follow in what direction.

When you know exactly what is important to you, you better avoid feelings of envy and resentment. Remind yourself that each person has his own way, and they should not be compared. Hold the course for your own happiness, and you will fill your time with things that matter most to you.

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