19 reasons to understand and forgive dog

Any dog ​​owner knows how insignificant material goods: sofas, chairs, flower pots. Indeed, instead of all this, you have a true friend who will teach you how to prioritize.

< Website admires the ability of these dogs put everything in its place. Or vice versa.

They like the same things as us

They repeat after us all our actions

Approve our selection of beverages

and trying hard to be on us like

< br>

They protect us from the most unexpected enemy

of course, they have their principles ...

... and their taste preferences

They are always trying to please us < br>

Simply they do not always succeed

They always sober look at the world

can give a couple of tips on style ...

... and hint such that the frame is no longer in vogue

They always know how to get a good life

and support you in all difficulties

They know how to find the fine line

And do not pay attention to the minor troubles

Sometimes they make mistakes

< br> Or even create organized criminal groups

But we do know that they will always be with us.
Wherever we have

Photos on the preview beehivesy

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