Love ...

Ah, Love! I dream to be the same as you! - Repeated delighted lovers. - You're so much stronger than me.
 - Do you know what my strength? - Love asked, shaking his head thoughtfully.

 - Because you are important to people.

 - No, my dear, it is not so - sighed and stroked Love Falling in love on the head. - I know how to forgive, that's what makes me so.

 - Can you forgive betrayal?

 - Yes, I can, because Betrayal often comes from ignorance, not from malice.

 - You can simply change?

 - Yes, and change too, because changing and returning, people had the opportunity to compare and choose the best.

 - You can simply false?

 - False - it is a lesser of two evils, because it is often out of despair, awareness of their own guilt, or unwillingness to hurt, and it is a positive indicator.

 - I do not think so, because there are simply dishonest people !!!

 - Of course there are, but they do not have any relation to me, because I do not know how to love.

 - What else can you forgive?

 - I can forgive anger, as it is short-term. Can
Sharpness forgive, because it is often a companion Sorry, but
Chagrin impossible to predict and control, as each grieved in their own way.

 - And more?

 - I can still forgive the insult - Chagrin older sister, as they often derive from one another. I can forgive disappointment, as is often followed him suffering, and suffering purifies.

 - Ah, Love! You really are amazing! Can you forgive everything, everything, and I'm at the first trial GASN as dogorevshaya match! I envy you !!!

 - And then you're wrong. No one can forgive everything, everything. Even Love.

 - But you just told me quite another !!!

 - No, that's what I said, I really can forgive, and forgive endlessly.

But there is a light that can not forgive even love. Because it kills feelings, corrodes the soul and leads to sadness and destruction. It hurt so much that even the great miracle can not heal it. It poisons the life of others and makes a go. It hurts more betrayal and treachery and hurts worse than a lie and hurt. You will understand this when stolknёshsya with him herself.

Remember, Love, Love worst enemy - Indifference.


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