One man in his childhood was very friendly with the old man, a neighbor.

But as time went on, there was a college and hobbies, then work and personal life. Every minute, a young man was busy and had no time or remember the past, or even spend time with loved ones.
Once he learned that a neighbor had died - and suddenly remembered the old man learned a lot from him, trying to replace the boy killed his father. Feeling guilty, he came to the funeral.

In the evening, after the funeral, a man walked into the empty house of the deceased. Everything was like many years ago ...

Here are just a small golden box, in which, according to the old man, kept the most valuable thing for him to have disappeared from the table. Thinking that it took someone from a few relatives, the man left the house.

However, two weeks later he received a parcel. Seeing her name on the neighbor, the man started and opened the box.

Inside was a gold box is the same. It turned out to be gold pocket watch engraved with: "Thank you for the time spent with me that».

And he realized - the most valuable for the old man was the time spent with his little friend.

Since then, a man tried as much time to devote to his wife and son.


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