Brand new ..

One day, a professor at one of the lectures presented us brand new. At that moment I felt a light touch on his shoulder. Looking around, I saw a little wizened old woman, smiling up at me so openly that involuntarily smile lit up and my face.
 - Hello, my beauty, my name is Rose and I am 87 years old, - she said. - May I sit down? - I smiled and moved over to give way to her place.

 - Of course, have a seat. May I ask what brought you to the University in so innocent age? - I suddenly wanted to joke.

 - I'm here to meet a rich husband and give birth to him a bunch of kids - winking at me, retorted starushka.- But seriously? - Rose loved me more and more. I got interested motives appearance here this very elderly woman.

 - But seriously ... I always wanted to get a higher education, and here I am - she replied.

After the lecture we went to the student cafeteria and had lunch together. Since that day we have over three months had dinner together. Rose was the soul of the company almost all student hangouts. All students are willing to communicate with her, never expressing his dislike.

At the end of the semester we invited her to give a speech at the graduation ceremony. As she walked to the podium, with cribs leaflets dropped from her hands. Confused, Rose tried to pick them up, but not all collected leaves.

 - I beg your pardon, I become so scattered ... For my husband, I stopped drinking beer, whiskey so I'm drunk much faster - she joked. - I do not gather cribs, so let me just say that I think.

While the laughter died down, she cleared her throat and began his speech:

 - We do not stop playing because we grow. We grow because stopped playing. There are only a few components of your success, youth and happiness. You have to smile every day and find something funny in life. Do you need a dream. When you cease to dream - you die. Around us, many people are dead and they do not even know about it! There is a huge difference between aging and maturing. If you are 19 years old and a year will lie on the couch and do nothing - you will be 20. If I spent on the couch for a year and will not do anything - I turned 88. There is nothing complicated about to become older. We do not need talent or gift to aging. Gift to open new opportunities for themselves to change. Do not regret anything! Older people usually do not regret what was done, they lament the fact that they do not have time to do. Fear death, only those in whom there is a lot of regret.
Having finished his speech with the phrase "with respect, Rose," the old woman returned to her place. We were all silent, digesting heard.

A year later, Rose received a higher education, which she had dreamed for so long. Aging - is inevitable. Growing - selectively.


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