When you create a fresco "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci is facing a huge challenge ...

When you create a fresco "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci is facing a huge challenge: he had to portray Welcome, embodied in the image of Jesus and Evil - in the form of Judas, who decided to put him on this meal. Leonardo in the middle of interrupted work and resumed it only after found the perfect model.
One day, when the artist was present at the concert choir, he saw in one of the young singers of the perfect image of Christ and inviting him to his studio, he made a few sketches and sketches.

Three years have passed. "Last Supper" was almost complete, but Leonardo has not yet found a suitable sitter for Judah. The cardinal, who was responsible for painting the cathedral, urged him, demanding that the mural was completed as soon as possible.

And after many days of searching for the artist saw wallowing in the gutter man - a young but prematurely decrepit, dirty, drunk and ragged. Time studies was no more, and Leonardo ordered his aides to deliver it directly to the cathedral, which they did.

With great difficulty he dragged back and put his feet. He did not really understand what was happening, and Leonardo imprinted on canvas sin, selfishness, zlochestie that breathed his face.

When he finished work, beggar, who by this time is a little sobered, opened his eyes, saw a painting and cried in fear and anguish:

- I've seen that picture before!

- When? - Leonardo asked, puzzled.

- Three years ago, even before I lost everything. At that time, when I sang in the choir and my life was full of dreams, some artist wrote to me of Christ.


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