Secrets and mysteries of paintings of famous painters

Each piece of art carries the soul of its creator. However, some products may carry also the secrets and hidden meaning, which is the most inquiring minds are trying to decipher. This collection is for you collected paintings, which until recently kept certain secrets. Aliens Bears
Ivan Shishkin "Morning in a Pine Forest», 1889.
Famous painting belongs not only to the pen Shishkin. Many artists, make friends with each other, often resorted to "help each other", and Ivan Ivanovich, a lifetime to paint landscapes, feared that the bears do not turn out touching him as it should. Therefore Shishkin turned to a familiar animal artist Konstantin Savitsky.
Sawicki drew perhaps the best bears in the history of Russian art, and Tretyakov commanded to wash away his name off the canvas, as all in the film "from design and ending with the execution of all the talks about the manner of painting, the creative method, peculiar to Shishkin».

Hieronymus Bosch, "The Garden of Earthly Delights», 1500-1510.
Music on the buttocks
Recently in art was made strange and unusual discovery - American student deciphered the notation shown in the buttocks with a picture of a sinner Bosch. Get ringtones has become one of the online sensations of recent times.

A fragment of the right part of the triptych.
Disputes about the meanings and connotations of the most famous works by the Dutch artist does not cease since its inception. On the right wing of the triptych titled "Musical Hell" depicts sinners who are tortured in hell with the help of musical instruments. One of them on the buttocks stamped notes. Oklahoma Christian University student Amelia Hamrick, who studied painting shifted notation of the XVI century with a modern twist, and has recorded "a song with ass of hell, which celebrated 500 years».

Nude Mona Lisa

The famous "Mona Lisa" is available in two versions: a nude version is called "Monna Vanna", it wrote a little-known artist Szalai, who was a student and an artist's model of the great Leonardo da Vinci. Many critics believe that he was the model for the paintings of Leonardo, "John the Baptist" and "Bacchus". There are also versions that disguised as a woman served as Salai way most of the Mona Lisa.

Old Fisherman
In 1902, a Hungarian painter Tivadar Csontváry Kostka paints a picture "Old Fisherman". It seems to be nothing unusual in the picture there, but Tivadar laid in her implication in the artist's life and unopened.

Very few people come to mind to put a mirror to the middle of the picture. Every man can be as God (duplicated right shoulder old man) and the devil (duplicated the old man's left shoulder).

Doubles in the "Last Supper»
Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper», 1495-1498.
When Leonardo da Vinci wrote "Last Supper", he emphasized the two figures: Christ and Judas. He was looking for a very long time for them sitters. Finally, he managed to find a model for the image of Christ among the young singers. Choose sitter for Judas Leonardo could not in three years. But one day he came across the street to the drunkard, who was lying in the gutter. He was a young man, who was old binge drinking. Leonardo invited him to the inn, where he immediately began writing to him Judas. When a drunk came to himself, he said, an artist that had already posed for him. It was a few years ago, when he sang in the church choir, Leonardo wrote with his Christ.

Innocent history "Gothic»
Grant Wood, "American Gothic», 1930.
Job Grant Wood is one of the most bizarre and depressing in the history of American painting. Painting a grim father and daughter filled with details that indicate the severity of Puritanism and misoneism images of people. In fact, the artist does not depict any horror conceived: during a trip to Iowa and he saw a small house in the Gothic style and has decided to represent those people who, in his opinion, would be perfect as a slum. In the form of characters, which so offended the people of Iowa, immortalized Grant's sister and his dentist.

"Night Watch" and "Day»?
Rembrandt "Night Watch», 1642.
One of the most famous paintings by Rembrandt "Speech Rifle Company of Captain Frans Banning Coca and Lieutenant Willem van Rёytenbyurga" stayed there for about two hundred years in different halls and art critics was discovered only in the XIX century. Since it seemed that the figures appear on a dark background, it was called "Night Watch", and under this name it and went into the treasury of world art. It was only during the restoration, conducted in 1947, found that the picture in the hall covered with a layer of soot managed to distort its flavor. After clearing the original painting finally it became clear that the scene represented by Rembrandt, is really going on during the day. The position of the shadow of the left hand of Captain Kok shows that the duration - no more than 14 hours.

Inverted boat
Henri Matisse, "The boat», 1937.
In the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1961 it was exhibited painting by Henri Matisse's "boat". Only 47 days after someone noticed that the picture is hanging upside down. On the canvas depicts 10 purple lines and two blue sails on a white background. Two sails artist painted not just as a second sail - a reflection on the first surface of the water. In order to avoid mistakes in how to hang a picture, you need to pay attention to details. The larger the sail should be riding the picture, and the peak of the sail pictures should be sent to the upper right corner.

Two "Luncheon on the Grass»
Edouard Manet "Luncheon on the Grass», 1863.

Claude Monet's "Luncheon on the Grass», 1865.
Artists Edouard Manet and Claude Monet sometimes confused - because they both were French, lived at one time and created in the style of impressionism. Even the name of one of the most famous paintings of Manet's "Luncheon on the Grass" and Monet borrowed wrote his "Luncheon on the Grass».



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