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In this digital age it's becoming easier to capture kako any moment in vivid detail. We're human, and we can still appreciate the beauty and marvel at beautifully made photography. You will be really surprised to see that I can do these artists a Hyper. Not only that, they can skillfully copy every detail of the pictures, they can also trick Your eyes and make believe that you the real picture.

Roberto Bernardi

Take a look at this picture! If you accidentally ran into her, I never would have thought it was a painting on canvas. From depth of field to how the light falls on the basket, all telling the brain that it's a digital photo. Alas, the brain is ingeniously deceiving. Roberto Bernardi is qualified in hyperrealism, is a talented painter, easily leading people astray. He studied Renaissance painting, while still a student and worked as a restorer in Rome since the early 90s.


Denise Peterson This looks like a picture from National Geographic magazine, isn't it? But You already know that it is not. The picture is called "don't shed a tear". This acrylic paint on canvas — just one of the many Hyper realistic masterpieces that created Dennis Peterson. It's so good that his work has been exhibited in many major museums. His more recent works demonstrate the urban landscapes of new York, with all its naked splendour and misery.


Jason de Graaf In the works of Jason de Graaf immediately struck by the way in which he draws water. From its flow, to the beauty of each individual drop, Your mind will refuse to admit that You see the picture. Assuming this picture, You definitely would have admired the man who did it. Many noted its perfect timing and fast shutter speed. But when You understand what this picture is, consciousness takes this with difficulty.


Gregory Tilker Gregory — another hyperrealism, known for his work with water and related subjects. Not only that, his drawings are Hyper realistic, they're cinematic. This picture, for example, transportorul You to the scene of the film, where the character waits patiently for someone in the car. At any moment the rain from the glass will be dropped by the janitor, and the hero will be presented to the stage. This oil painting is called “still”.


Luigi Benedicenti, This picture could easily shame the best food photographers. In fact, all of the food pictures of this Italian master looks incredibly real and delicious. You could even say that they look even more appetizing than the real ice cream cone, or piece of fruit in front of You. One glance, and Your senses are switched on the picture. You literally begin to feel it, to imagine the aroma and taste of this treat, so skillfully depicted in the painting of hyperrealism.


Jacques Baudin, the French, the hyperrealism demonstrates his beautiful work in Milan and Paris. His paintings of women close-up can compete with the most detailed and advanced articles to magazines. But that picture of herb Jacques Boden really transmits a Hyper real element. This painting can easily be confused with a photo of the grassy knoll, near the beach.


Pedro Campos, “How can it be a picture?” You ask yourself. However, this is not a photograph. It is oil painting that is painted on canvas with a size of sixty to sixty inches. It is not the most impressive of the works of hyperrealism artist Pedro Campos. He also has fantastic paintings of fruit, cans of soda, marbles and other objects that delight the audience. Pay attention to the way he draws plastic bags; they look so real that you can literally hear how they crumple.


Claudio Bravo originally from Chile, hyperrealism painter Claudio Bravo now lives in Tangier, Morocco. If this excellent picture is not enough to impress you, Claudio painted also many portraits of influential people. Examples are the former President and first lady of the Philippines, Ferdinand and Imelda Marco and the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.


Alyssa Monks the work of this talented lady can relate more to the photorealism, but it has some pictures that can be called hyperreality. Her series of portraits of bathers include truly exceptional Hyper realistic elements. This is not surprising, since Alissa is one of the most famous painters of our time. Her work has been shown in major galleries throughout the world. She was also awarded three times by the Foundation Grant Elizabeth Greenshields, a prestigious award in the world of painting.

Simon Hennessey, Creating primarily portraits, Simon is one of the most popular of Hyper today. He drew a lot of celebrities and having his own show in the UK. If You ever want to admire his masterpieces, you can visit the exhibition in the gallery Plus One in London. And maybe if you have the money, ask him to create Your portrait.




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