Mask to accelerate hair growth

To speed up hair growth, do not have to buy special tools or undergo expensive treatments in beauty salons. The effective mask can be prepared at home, with his own hands. In addition, You can be sure of the genuineness of such funds and picked him specifically for their needs. Oil mask For this mask you need to mix equal proportions of coconut, olive and castor oil. This mixture should be applied on the hair roots and massage. You should then wrap your hair in cellophane and leave it for an hour. Wash off the mask with water with lemon juice. Tomato mask preparation Method is extremely simple. You need to take a ripe tomato, remove skin and mash well until smooth. Thereafter, the resulting mixture is applied to the hair roots. Wash off with running water after 20 minutes. Parsley seeds Vitamins, minerals and fatty acids contained in parsley seeds in abundance. Rubbed in the powder of the seeds is rubbed into the roots. For best results this procedure should be repeated twice a week. Onion, cognac and thistles Guaranteed hair growth will provide a mask, which includes onions, burdock and cognac. Two tablespoons of onion juice, six tablespoons of decoction of burdock and one tablespoon of brandy mixed and rubbed into the scalp. After the hair wrapped in foil. After an hour, carefully wash his head with shampoo. The procedure needs to be done daily for one week. Mustard mask If every day during the month You will be put on the mustard hair mask, you will get a very nice result. It includes two hundred grams of yogurt, a tablespoon of dry mustard and one egg yolk. This mixture is rubbed on the head, carefully rubbing into the roots. After 40 minutes the mask can be washed off. Caution: it burns! Beer mask Mix two hundred milliliters of beer and two egg yolks will also help hair grow faster. Unlike most masks, this is applied to the entire length of hair. Then it should be hold for one hour, while wrapping hair in a scarf or wrap.



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