30 culinary secrets that will help to make the perfect dough!

In fact, the preparation of homemade dough - it's not such a difficult process. It is only to have patience and to know some life hacking, which will help make the process even easier and relaxed. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to cook even more delicious and mouth-watering cakes, pastries and pizza.

Ready? Then we share 30 culinary tricks and subtleties of dough, from which we can and need to do a delicious, delicate and soft cakes and other confectionery products, and not only!

1. Add to the batter diluted potato starch. So your cakes and buns will be very lush and soft. Do not they lose these properties, and the next day.

2. Be sure to sift the flour dough. This is perhaps one of the most important conditions for a tasty and delicious pastries. Sifted flour is enriched with oxygen, and from it removed impurities.

3. In any dough (except dumplings, puff, scalded and sand), add semolina. One need only a tablespoon with a slide at 0, 5 liters of fluid. By the way, this unit is called "Zhmenya". The dough will not dry out and become stale. And this is especially true for bread, pancakes, pies and pancakes.

4. In addition to milk, add to the dough a half glasses of mineral water. It can be prepared at home. It's enough to dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda, slaked with vinegar or citric acid in half a glass of water. Baking is even more magnificent.

5. In the room where the dough is prepared, there should be no draft. Air Waves contribute to the formation of a stale crust.

6. When making dough products should be used at room temperature. Food straight from the refrigerator slow the rise of dough that can spoil pastries.

7. If you are cooking a dish of dough, it is important to remember one rule. All of the liquid to be heated up to 30-35 degrees. At temperatures below the yeast lose their activity.

8. Always wipe dry your hands before touching the test.

9. Before baking the dough to completely give rasstoyatsya. It usually takes 15 to 20 minutes. If you do not give it up and just put it in the oven, there is a risk that bad pies propekutsya and will not rise properly.

10. baking cakes should bake on medium heat to the filling does not run dry.

11. In the yeast and fresh pastry-best nerastoplennoe add butter. Otherwise, it will only worsen the very structure of the test.

12. Try to cook pies with milk! They turn out very tasty and fragrant. A crust becomes very appetizing, shiny and beautiful colors.

13. Yeast, which you use to prepare the dough, must be fresh and have a pleasant smell of alcohol. You can check their quality in advance. Prepare a small portion of dough and sprinkle with flour layer. If within half an hour will not crack, the yeast quality leaves much to be desired.

14. An excess of sugar in the dough does not lead to anything good. The dough is too light quickly and can even burn. It slows as fermentation yeast dough, which can lead to the fact that the cakes are obtained less lush.

15. Fats, softened until thick sour cream, usually added at the end of kneading or when obminku. This improves the fermentation test.

16. Ready-made cakes will be more tender and crumbly, if only to put the dough in the yolks.

17. High pies must be baked only on low heat. So they are best baked through.

18. The dough for the pie, baked in the pan, you need to roll out as thin as possible a layer. Taste the filling will feel even better, and after filling - a "highlight" of the pie.

19. To the lower part of the cake was dry and fell apart, sprinkle it with a small amount of starch. Only then you can safely spread the filling.

20. The dough should not be left to stand too long. This deteriorates the taste and quality characteristics. It is enough to put it for 3 hours in the heat.

21. Cakes of yeast dough can be lubricated with milk. In addition, you can add caraway seeds, poppy seeds and salt as desired.

22. Closed pies sure to grease the top before baking. This gives them an appetizing color and gloss. Perfect for this milk, sugar water, beaten egg.

23. Pies that you plan to sprinkle with powdered sugar, also need to be oiled. It will give them a pleasant and appetizing aroma.

24. The more fat and less dough liquid, the dishes are more friable.

25. If you put a cake in a lot of soda, you can spoil it. He will turn darker and acquire an unpleasant odor.

26. If the rolling pin to wrap a clean linen cloth, it becomes even easier to roll out the dough thin.

27. The dough is too wet? No problem. Put it on a sheet of parchment and rolled right through the paper.

28. If your pie dough, it is necessary to remove it from the form in a cooled state.

29. If you want to add to the dough raisins delicious, then it is certainly worth a pre-roll in flour.

30. If the dough has come, and you for some reason can not yet put it in the oven, then do not despair. Cover it with a well-moistened paper, after shaking off the water with her.

Bon Appetit!


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