Puff pastry – it's elementary!

Popular food blogger and chief pirogove of the country Irina Chadaeva taught us how to cook puff pastry. We do not understand why so afraid of him, it turned out – it's elementary.

Part puff chopped dough usually consists of flour, butter, water and pinch of salt.

Despite the simplicity of the ingredients, the dough is delicious and versatile — it is equally well suited for sweet and savory pies.

Flour minced dough, use bread flour. Please note that in the winter in homes and apartments, very dry air, and the flour is much more dry than in summer. Thus, depending on the time of year for making dough may require different amounts of water.

Oil For any test choose delicious chopped butter. Bad, stale oil can ruin the whole pie.

For this unsweetened dough is perfect salted butter (low salt). The dough with oil so delicious, and easy to mix.

What else to add? Usually in this dough add nothing, but sometimes savoury cakes can be flavored with a pinch of herbs — thyme or rosemary and add a handful of sunflower seeds or nuts.

We should also talk about the dough — it in equal proportions, chopped, cheese, butter and flour, the dough turns out very tasty and perfect for cookies and bagels.

How to knead dough? The ratio of flour and oil in this test is easy to remember, it is about 2:1, for example:

  • 200 g flour
  • 100 g butter
  • 5-6 tbsp ice water

How to cook puff chopped dough:

1. Prepare the food — they should all be cold. In a bowl pour the flour, ice water dissolve salt (if using unsalted butter). The oil can be pre-put in freezer for 15-20 minutes.

2. In the flour put the butter and blend. This can be done in different ways:

  • grate the butter on a coarse grater, not forgetting to constantly stir the chips with flour so it does not stick together;
  • chop the butter and the flour with a knife;
  • chop the butter and flour in a food processor.

It is important that you should get a mixture of flour and pieces of butter the size of a peanut (with a nail).

3. In the mixture make a well, pour in all the water and knead the dough. Try to mix quickly, but not too much. As soon as the dough sticks together into a clump, it's ready. Flatten it, wrap in cling film and leave in the fridge for half an hour. If the dough is still cold, you can immediately roll out.

Why the dough is so? First, cut the butter crumble into the flour and then the flour and water knead the dough. The pieces of butter are evenly distributed in it. When rolling out, they flattened and separate the dough into layers. Such a test, of course, far from this lush puff, however, it turns out, too, layered and delicious.

To roll out the dough, put the bread on the table, sprinkled with flour, and roll out, turning the formation. This dough is easily rolled and does not tear. The optimal thickness of the sheeting is 3-4 mm.

The rolled out dough shift in the form (do not need to grease), press to the bottom and the walls and slide the rolling pin on the edges to cut off excess and pin the dough.

How to bake? Puff chopped dough, you can either bake immediately with filling (if it is thick), or to first bake a base and then fill it with stuffing. Due to the presence of moisture inside the dough when baking the bottom of the form may swell. How to avoid it, read here.

Puff pastry baked at 180-200°C, the oven must be preheated in advance. Small tarts will take 12-15 minutes and the pie filling will be baked for 40 minutes.

  • The batter bad interlock — a little water, you can add water by the spoonful;
  • The dough spreading butter melted, a lot of moisture, you can pour a little more flour when rolling out;
  • Products hard — too long kneaded the dough, the butter had melted during kneading, a lot of moisture in the test;
  • The dough is poorly foliated — filling soak the dough, without added salt, butter melted in the kneading.published

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