Awesome donuts from 2 ingredients! Bozhechki as tasty ...

This recipe made me overjoyed! < Homemade donuts - the same dish that is impossible not to love. But messing with yeast dough has no desire ...

Only 2 simple ingredient - and lush donuts ready! I like to serve them with honey for breakfast, very good donuts are combined with salty hard cheese, strawberries and other berries, different types of glaze. Yes, it is rich in calories, but so delicious! Occasionally, you can pamper yourself, without a doubt.

I use this recipe when preparing the dough yourself there is no way. It turns out gorgeous!

How to cook ponchikiIngredienty
  • yeast dough ready in briquette
  • oil
  • powdered sugar, milk and vanilla sugar for milk glaze
  • cocoa powder for chocolate glaze

    1. we shall cut dough for donuts circles, engrave hole inside.
    2. fry donuts in vegetable oil.
  • Prepare milk or chocolate frosting, donuts fields. Done!

    In this video you can see how easy preparing this yummy. Immediately wanted donuts! The main thing - the right to buy the dough, and then the case for small. Purchase dough deliver on duty in the kitchen of the extra hassle, prepare donuts are easy even a very lazy man.

    Experienced hostess may resent any number you need to cook your own yeast dough. And I am glad that the purchase is not worse! Sometimes you want to quickly cook the dish, which is usually a lot of fuss.

    < Donuts at home are obtained tastier than the store! This fragrance crispy dough ... Show your friends this videoretsept, the simplicity of which will delight any woman!


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