To get rid of the pain, he just got up on all fours! I try this today ...

Endure the pain - the last thing! Any condition accompanied by pain, destroys the nerves and brain cells. If you experience a twinge, it is necessary to take all possible measures to eliminate it: this is really bad for the whole body ... And yet - so unpleasant

«Website» offers you a set of wonderful exercises with analgesic effect. They are based on the main yoga poses and have a powerful effect. When I severe back pain , saved only because ...

How to get rid of pain
pose child
It is used for pain in the back and the hip joint, it helps to relax the nervous system. Kneel down, better to do it on the floor. Lower your buttocks on your heels and tyanis forward, stretch your arms as far as possible, the palm should be turned down. Push the forehead to the floor and breathe as deeply as possible. 1 minute in this position enough to the pain became much weaker!

pose against the wall
Relieves headache, tension in the shoulders and neck. It recommended for those who are dizzy. Lie down on your back against the wall, legs Put the wall and holding hands on her stomach. Close your eyes, breathe evenly and try to rid himself of all unnecessary thoughts. Just 5 minutes in this position will remove the tension from the neck and back, and the headache will disappear without a trace!

It is used when the back pain is any pain in the spine, removes muscle pain Get on your knees, straight arms rests on the floor, keep them shoulder-width apart. See to it that the spine parallel to the floor, stretch your neck forward. Take a deep breath and rotten trunk down, pull the head up.

Exhale and lead the torso up, his head goes down. Move slowly, breathe deeply. Repeat this 10 times. If you feel stress on your knees, put them under the soft mat.

Twisting and stretching
Good work, if there is a stomach ache and digestive problems. Sit on the floor, keep your back straight, legs - straight. Bend your left leg and head straight for her right leg. Turn to the left, leaning on his left arm for balance. Breathe deeply, stay in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat with the right leg the same.

pose butterfly
Effective pain in the hip joint, relieves tension in the legs and knees. Sit on the floor, keep your back straight. Unite your feet together. Lowers knees as low as possible to the floor. Will hold in this position for 2 minutes.

Good use, when a sore lower back, helps get rid of the clamps. Lie down on your back in the position of the letter T, spreading his hands to the sides. Pull your knees bent to his chest. Slowly lower your knees to the side, keeping the shoulders from the floor. Stay in this position for 2 minutes and repeat with the other side.

flight up
It helps when there is pain when it hurts the stomach or kidney. Lie down on your back, arms outstretched to the sides. Bend your knees, fix the feet on the floor. Slowly raise and lower your pelvis on the floor as much as possible by relaxing the lower back. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Moving Forward
Relieves menstrual cramps in women, facilitates the joint pain Sit on the floor, keep your right leg straight. Left leg bend at the knee and push the foot to the right foot. Gradually tyanis forward as possible. Freeze in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat with the right foot.

Complete relaxation
Removes the feeling of tired legs, it helps with pain in the calves. It is useful to carry out after wearing high heels. Cross-legged in a standing position. Lowers forward very slowly, keep your hands in front of you, get them to the floor. Bend the left knee and right leg straight out. Freeze for 30 seconds in this position, repeat the same with the other leg.

Your body - obedient tool, it will respond to your efforts instantly! Before drinking painkillers or use special ointments, do such an easy charging. You and your body exactly like it!

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