5 Commandments Vadim Zealand for health: what a pity that I have not read before!

Vadim Zeland argues that the modern world - the culture of slow death. People get sick and die, not even realizing this report ... With all the controversy of his relationship with this character, I feel that words have meaning Zeland.

Healthy pitaniyaLyudi not notice that get sick and die foolishly - because of the lack of elementary culture of power. Since then, both in the diet appeared here these 3 main components - white flour, margarine, yeast , the culture is over ...

In order to get a real benefit from the power of the selected style, you must have elementary culture of power
! If the human flock en masse produces and consumes what it kills, then he can not be trusted. How can you trust a drug addict, for example?

Basics proper healthy diet for Zealand
The diet should be a constant, unchanging
You can not change the diet dramatically! This is due to intestinal microflora which is adapted for varying the digestion of food. She slowly rebuilds, the adaptation may take months. The diet should be as varied
Food should be simple, from a few ingredients, but contain the maximum number of substances the body needs! Food should be fun
If what you eat, it is useful, but taste good, you will always want something profane, but tasty, and this trial will continue as long as the brain does not receive its portion of pleasure. Do not engage in masochism, do not chew a green salad as a cow. We must look for a simple but delicious recipes and receive not only the benefits but also the pleasure!

Artificial stimulants to exclude from the menu
Depression and panic attacks - a new generation of disease. They are not caused by other than the chemical components in products The main principle - products should be natural
This means that non-GMO, yeast, chemicals, synthetics. The product, which is "imprisoned and buried" for a long shelf life, can not be considered natural.

If the body could talk, it would say: you can starve me, hunger, torture exorbitant physical exertion, to throw me in the heat or cold, can bleed, you can beat, torture and even cut - I will bear ... But, if you're me, grass, you and me will be bad, very bad - all just a very bad end

a healthy diet -. the basis of a healthy life


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