How to escape from the sinking car alive: she remembered this advice on time!

< Once inside the sinking car - a scene from the thriller, which participate in the enemy does not want. Such cases are relatively rare, but know what to do in such a situation, it is necessary to every motorist.

What to do when an accident
  1. As soon as we realized that the car flies into the water, unclip seat belt ! This trick will save precious seconds.
  2. Getting through the door might until the water reaches the level of the seat. If this has happened, most likely, the door jam.
  3. If the door is stuck, you need to get out through the window. In no case do not try to break a windshield: Do not waste your time in vain! To improve safety in collisions it is made of laminated glass. < Side windows split is possible, but it's not worth making a fist or foot. Take advantage of a sharp object, such as a pin removable headrest. Bay in the center of the window. Once the flow of water will rush into the cabin, breathe deeply, and out of the car

If you can not break a window, do not despair:. Hope of escape is still there. Try to open the door, waiting for the water is completely flood the interior. Experts say that the door is open it is easier when the pressure inside and outside the same Once out of the car and swim in the direction of the rising bubbles:. It's easier to navigate

. Remember that only the self-control and clarity of action will help to get out of a dangerous alteration. The more panic, the less likely to survive.

Be careful on the road, dear motorists, no nail or rod you! And do not forget to share this article with your friends.


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