Her jealous guy wanted to keep it thick ... Woman prove to everyone that can lose weight!

Today we tell you about a fantastic reincarnation. This girl named Christina Carter, before her weight exceeded the mark of 125 kilograms!
All the fault was love! She loved to eat, and eat, even at night. And she liked the young man, who had just encouraged her passion for delicious and plentiful food.
How to effectively lose weight
  1. It's hard to believe, but Christina has spent about 2 000 dollars a month for gluttony!
    < br> Her health has suffered greatly, and eventually Christine became difficult even to climb the stairs! It was necessary to urgently do something. Desperate, she decided on gastric banding. However, this procedure did not have the desired effect, soon she again won weight

  2. After realizing that she too hoped for surgery, Christina began to go to the gym, and even hire a personal trainer.

In just 16 months, she was able to lose weight at 70 kilograms!

change in the personal life of a girl also came. She realized that it was time to get rid not only of the weight loss , but the burden of the heavy relationship.

Today, Christina does not cease to fight for a beautiful body, it is regularly engaged in the hall and switched to a healthy diet.

Christina is a shining example of what our desires can become reality, only a little effort is necessary. If you are inspired by this story about effective weight loss, tell your friends about it!


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