He poured wax empty bottle of "Coca-Cola" and picked up a knife ... Fantasy, nothing else!

This idea is so like me that I immediately showed it to his friends. How can you remain indifferent: large candle in the form of "Coca-Cola" bottle captivated my imagination! Done in no time, and you can enjoy for a long time ...

How to make a candle in the home usloviyahTebe need
  • empty bottle from under the "Coca-Cola»
  • 2 wax crayon (black and purple)
  • white candles
  • skein of thread
  • toothpick
  • nut
  • soup plate
  • watering
  • stationery knife

    1. devastated bottle of "Coca-cola". < Wax candles - my old passion! How do you want to quickly get down to business ...

      Break candle wax or paraffin. Put them in a bowl with colored wax crayons.

      Wax crayons will paint a candle in a traditional beverage colors: black and purple tones will look very unusual!

      Put candles and crayons in a bowl, which can be heated in a water bath. Melt the wax over medium heat completely, slowly stirring the mass.

      Tie the nut at the end of a long string.

      The other end of the thread to tie a toothpick and place it across the neck of the bottle.

      Carefully pour the melted wax into the bottle using a funnel.

      It remains to wait until the wax hardens completely! Using stationery knife free the candle from plastic packaging ... A miracle happened!

      You can decorate a candle sticker.


      Watching this video is the third time ... So exciting to watch the process of creating such an original thing!

      < Beautiful candle are different, but not so unusual even need to look! I'm very glad that I came across this wonderful video. Share this magic idea with your friends - no doubt they will like it



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