If you mix a little salt and olive oil, you will forget about the years of pain for 5!

< The osteochondrosis - a common disorder in which there is tissue degeneration of the intervertebral discs, causing the spine loses his inherent flexibility

Provoke the beginning of the disease may excessive load on the spine, trauma from a fall or stroke, age-related changes. People suffering from degenerative disc disease, know firsthand how difficult disease to treat.

Finding an effective cure for osteoarthritis «Website» found that recipes of traditional medicine , has tested more than one generation. This natural remedy will make you forget about the pain for years to come.

Remedy osteohondroza

Ingredients for the mixture for the entire course of treatment
10 Art. l. stone sea salt 20 Art. l. unrefined olive oil (can substitute sunflower)

In a glass bowl mix the butter with salt, stir well to dissolve the salt grains. Take the container in a dark place. The tool will be ready in a few days, when the bottom is formed white slurry. Once again, shake container and get to massage.

Daily lubricate and vigorously rubs obtained by means of the painful areas of the back. Duration of procedure - first 2-3 minutes, but every day you need to add another 2-3, bringing the number of minutes to 20. At the end of the massage wipe the skin with a towel that has been soaked in hot water and pressed

. Blood circulation in the tissues improve, speed up their recovery. Also, massage can help relieve headaches.

Radical changes are already noticeable after 8-10 procedures: back pain subside, improve mobility and flexibility of the spine. And soon you will be able to return to normal life!

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