8 exercises for the hands to get rid of the pain of arthritis. I feel relieved now!

Despite the progressive nature of medical technology, gymnastics for fingers for arthritis is an effective method to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Today we will share with you set of exercises for hands , which will help increase muscle tone, restore the ability of the motor joints and finger dexterity.

Than to treat arthritis
< Compression and unclamping fist
This is a simple exercise, it begins to perform a complex with it.

Touching fingertips
Slowly As for the tip of the thumb of the other hand.

fingers moving apart
Put your hands on the table and slowly fingers together or apart, try to make an effort.

Raising fingers
Put your hands on the table or any solid surface. Then, in turn, begin to raise and lower the fingers.

Rotating fingers
This exercise is very similar to the previous one. Put your hands on the table, and then lift your fingers one by one and make them a small circular motion.

Flexion and extension of the nail and middle phalanges.

Exercise with a pencil
Take a pencil or wooden stick. Cathay him so that he moved from the fingertips to the base of the palm.

Exercise with the ball
Take a small ball, roll it on the table, alternating hands.

Health to you and your loved ones! Also, do not forget to read about how to strengthen the joints of the feet ...


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