8 tips that I want to remember! I use the number 6 almost every day.

These life hacking, which simplify life , - overheard snatches of conversation friendly. Friends not bad advice, and the resourceful solutions are a clear proof of the well-known truth. Enjoy your life, every day making it better! Hopefully, these tips will help you a little ...

life hacking on every day
The Board male: female shaving machines for sharper and last longer! Tip for women: if finished shaving foam, easily replace it with a balm-conditioner for hair or baby oil to the skin

. Here is how you can put in a suitcase or backpack extra set of underwear!

Tension sheet is perfect for relaxing on the beach. A high bumpers will not get into the sand!

Wax crayon burns well in an emergency situation and can be used in place of the candle. One shallow burns for 30 minutes.

An ingenious way to wear the headphones in the pocket, so that they are not confused.

Now you will not get a hammer on your fingers!

To instantly wake up in the morning, closed her eyes with all his strength at 20 seconds, and then open it. After this dream as a hand lift!

If you boil water before freezing, the ice will be transparent! For the most cocktails.

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