He bought a faulty door on the cheap to realize the old dream of his beloved wife ...

After reading this article, you will look in furniture stores often! It goes on purchase of new furniture and a creative approach, capable hands and the ability to save ...

closet in the hallway with their rukamiGeroy this story cheaply bought defective Door locker of different sizes and colors ... and I fashioned from them a great thing for the joy of his wife, who, incidentally, have long asked it to come up with something for their small hallway.

Expanding on the floor all the parts and making several measurements, he wondered what would be the design of the future cabinet.

Not without the help of a drill and screwdriver design took shape.

The lower part of the old craftsman made kitchen countertops. (Well, that did not throw!)

Adding extra shelves, he gave a complete view of the hanger.

The turn of artistic decoration. Case Wizard afraid!

Ta-dum! Wardrobe hanger-ready!

Convenient, cheap, economical ... and a lot of places will not take. Now you know what to do with old doors. The more that make such a thing under the power of any man.

This idea is a sin not to share!


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