Gym for the lazy: an exercise "Mirror" from the pain in the spine

Simple, fast and effective method of self-help for pain in the neck, thoracic and lumbar spine, ribs, abdomen, headaches.

The principle underlying the exercise, - find the most comfortable, painless provisions, including a combination of slopes, flexion-extension, twists

. The human body is arranged in such a way that when a fault occurs, it tends to self-correction. Occupying a comfortable position, we translate the joints and organs of the state of pathological stress in a state of rest, equilibrium. Lingering in this position for a certain time - create opportunities for the normalization of blood flow, opening the joints, relax the muscles and fascia.

Exercise is performed as follows.

Consider the example of the treatment of the neck.

Phase 1 - Diagnosis.

Slowly smoothly perform flexion, then extension. Delay in each position for a few seconds. Determine which position is more comfortable, reduces or stops the pain. Remember the position. Back in the middle neutral position.

Slowly perform side bends - left, right. Determine a comfortable position. We remember. We go back to neutral.

Slowly perform head turns to the left, to the right. Determine a comfortable position. We remember. We go back to neutral.

After determining the three most comfortable position, we can start treatment.

Stage 2 - Treatment.

Consistently slow translate neck in a comfortable position of flexion-extension, then, from this position - to the position of inclination to the side and then - perform head turning, twisting.
Slowly return to the middle position, the serial output of the neck rotation, tilt and flexion-extension.
Makes 4 deep relaxing breaths.

It may be noted that at this stage the pain and discomfort often reduced by 30-40%. It is a measure of correctness of the exercise. The amplitude neck movements also increased, but to test it actively is not necessary - it can disrupt the therapeutic effect

. Repeat this exercise, pausing in a comfortable position for 60 seconds.
Go back to neutral.
Perform 4 breaths.
3rd time we repeat the exercise with a delay of 90 seconds.
4 breaths.

This completes the full exercise "mirror" of the cycle.

Additional recommendations.

When the exercise is not aiming to make it big in the amplitude or with great force. The main thing - keep a sense of comfort, painless

. Performing movements, watch the resistance of tissues, the spine - bumping into explicit opposition (barrier) - stop and come back a little earlier.

As a rule, a combination of 3 of the most comfortable positions - mirror corresponds to a combination of 3 the most painful positions. Hence the name of the exercise - "MirrorĀ»

. So, if you originally hurt his neck bent, tilt to the right and turn to the right, the medical situation of the mirror is a small extension, tilted to the left and turn left.

If none of the provisions does not relieve the pain completely, try to find two options less painful and execute it.


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