How to learn to behave the way you would like to

It is well known that an experienced hypnotist can enter a person in a special state - a hypnotic trance - just a few minutes. According to psychologists, trans greatly enhances the ability of the body and mind. You can purchase a temporary insensitivity to pain, to remember in detail events of many years ago, to change their regular habits, or simply to experience a sense of causeless joy, relax and rest completely in just a few minutes.

The source of these new opportunities - our subconscious. If you have something, even for a short time, experienced a strong joy, a sense of self-confidence or a feeling of pleasant relaxation, the hypnotist only helps you call this time from the subconscious and to repeat it.

But a state of hypnotic trance you can achieve on their own. For example, using autogenous training, meditation or prayer techniques. In NLP it is assumed that the human mind connect with the outside world three perceptual system:

visual (visual),
auditory (hearing),
kinesthetic (feeling this body, as well as taste and smell).

It is based on this approach, the technique of "homing" trance, recommended by Richard Bandler.

Sit comfortably in a quiet place and get some object, which can be viewed without straining, for example, suspension chandeliers, reflecting light. Focus your eyes on the glass and say out loud or to myself - as you prefer - the three proposals relating to the visual impression, ie describing what you see here and now, for example:

"I see a glimmer of light at the edges ...

I see the hand of his hands lying on his knees ...

I see my reflection ... »

Speak the words you need to calmly and carefully, feeling the physical image that you are describing.

Then do the same, finding three auditory perception. For example:

"I can hear the faint noise of the fan ...

I can hear the clock ticking ... »

and so on. d.

Then let us know what three proposals related to body sensations (they can be associated with sensations of taste and smell). For example:

"I feel like the soles of the feet are firmly on the floor ...

I feel warmth in their fingers intertwined ... »

Or any other.

Then, keeping the position, repeat the same cycle, but this time say one sentence about sensations in the visual, auditory and kinesthetic systems.

When describing your experience and at the same time experiencing them here and now, how would you set the feedback and dive deeper into your inner world.

Therefore, even beginners in the middle of the exercise feel that the eyes stick together (do not resist it), and you are perceived by others already on the memory. This is - a sign of the state of trance. You got like internal screen, which can then view what ask the subconscious.

Next, determine which hand you think is easier and tell the assumption that this hand will become easier and easier, involuntarily rising slowly, touching the face. In this case you can imagine, for example, a balloon tied to her hand and pulling her up, or any other sub-image (described by auditory, visual or kinesthetic sensations). At the moment of contact the person you are immersed in a deep trance.

It is important to understand and practically verify this, you can create images that have power over you themselves.

If you are uncomfortable sensations described sequence - start with auditory or kinesthetic, but first try the original version

. Some may notice that after the exercise is done about six times already easy enough to say, "Well, I imagine that the plunge in this state," - and you already find yourself in it. Over time, the immersion in a trance would be almost instantaneous.

Now we move on to how you can use this state. In itself, a stay in a trance, even for a few minutes gives you the opportunity to relax completely disconnected from all worries. Before you begin to exercise, for example, you can say, "I would like the subconscious, so you woke me up in 15 minutes, and that he woke up, I felt refreshed and renewed»

. In our body there is a reliable time counter and, if we ask ourselves from time to self-hypnosis, it is fairly accurate. If you forget to give the subconscious mind instructions occupation, just dive into a deep refreshing sleep for a few hours.

But rest and relaxation - this is not the most useful thing that can give a state of trance. Dr. Bandler himself for many years have used it to develop their personalities and learn new skills. Having mastered the method of "homing" of trance, you can also go to the work on yourself, that Richard Bandler calls the "process of creating new behaviors».

If you want to change your behavior in any situation, often emerging at work, at home or somewhere else, choose a model for yourself - one of those people whom you respect, you admire in some respects. It is not necessary that you like in this person everything - the task "take" his behavior only in specific, meaningful situation for you and transfer it into your life. Will so behave once, twice - and skill secured. Then you will remember with a smile on his previous loss to an audience, unnecessary outbursts of anger in a family dispute, or something else that hurt you so recently.

So, you have chosen a man who want to learn how to behave as you would like. Now follow the instructions, such as those in the previous exercise. Think of a situation in which "model" behavior was such, what you want to learn.

Share your further work into three stages.

1. First, you have to just see and hear everything that happened in this situation.

2. In the second step, ask your subconscious mind to reconcile the image of its own, including, for example, voice, image and voice to the "model", as it were, to replace it yourself. For example, you can see the internal screen as you approach and merge with it. You begin to see and hear themselves in behavior "model».

3. In the third stage you have to get inside the image created in the second step: relive all the sensations typical of the new behavior, and to perceive the whole situation with a new - internal - the point of view

. You can pass one stage in the session, and then do one thing - bringing together all or go through three stages at once in one session - as you are comfortable

. If you manage to successfully "get used" in a new way, ask the subconscious to manifest an acquired skill, creating a mental situation in which you would like to use it.

In this way, gradually you will be able to go through all the "weaknesses" in its relations with others. To begin, of course, you need a simple behaviors. For example: "I want to learn to smile in unpleasant situations for yourself ...»

If you deal with frequently, you will learn how to quickly analyze the behavior of any person as well as your own - it will help you better understand that it should change

. Dr. Bandler himself learned to carry out a cycle of behavior change in just one minute, which, according to him, was very helpful in their professional activities.


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