How to improve memory - simple guidelines Oriental Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine knows a great number of simple but very effective advice for improving memory. These primarily include a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, avoiding harmful habits, and physical activity.

With regard to the nature of food, the doctors recommend necessarily include in your diet foods such as carrots, beets, spinach, sweet potatoes (yams), grapes, almonds, ghee and milk. In addition, very useful to drink carrot and beet juice.

One of the best means of prevention of the brain called atherosclerosis walnuts. According to the ancient oriental doctors, people catastrophically loses his memory, should eat at least 20 nuts every day.

Excellent effect on brain activity and parsley. All parts of this plant contain ingredients that can derive from the body of salt. It is good to include in the diet of people with memory problems, foods that contain a lot of potassium, - baked potato, dried apricots, fresh apricots, aubergines, sunflower seeds


The beneficial effect on memory has aloe juice (1 tablespoon) with black pepper (pinch) and ground in a mustard seed powder (1/8 teaspoon). To accept such a composition should be two to three times a day.

A few recipes of Ayurvedic medicine, which can be used to improve memory:

Very good improves memory black cumin oil. In mint broth cooked should be added 7 drops of oil of black cumin and honey to sweeten. Drink in the form of heat and an empty stomach 1 time per day.

To improve memory can be 1 times a day to eat 3 g of ground seed of black cumin, mixed with a teaspoon of honey, washed down with warm water.

When amnesia are advised to take a paste of cumin and honey 1 teaspoon cumin milled seeds mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey. Take a daily basis. Another recipe, which can be used in amnesia: a pinch of finely ground pepper mixed with honey and take 2 times a day.


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