That's why you should drink orange juice every day

Orange has always been known as one of the most nutritious fruits. As a representative of the family of citrus fruits, the fruit rich in vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system and protect our body against many diseases. For many people, a glass of orange juice has become a daily morning tradition, replacing the usual cup of coffee.

That is why the Website has decided to transfer, what is useful for us the natural juice of the fruit.

Vitamin C In our bodies there is the ability to produce their own vitamin C, but in the meantime it is essential for cleansing the body of toxins, enhance the immune system and prevent premature aging. We can only get it through food.

According to research by the National Institutes of Health, the average man should receive 90 mg of vitamin C daily and female - 75 mg. Medium orange contains about 69 7 mg of vitamin C, which makes it a good source of this material. < A glass of natural orange juice contains 97 mg of vitamin. Daily consumption of one glass of orange juice in the necessary extent to saturate the body with this vitamin.

Hesperidin A glass of natural orange juice is enough the amount of hesperidin - a natural compound contained in the peel of citrus fruit - which directly affects the vascular pressure. < Hesperidin improves blood circulation, reduces the risk of vascular diseases of the brain and normalizes blood pressure

Folate Folate -. It is vital for the human vitamin group B. It is necessary for cell growth and division. He especially needs growing child's body, and women during pregnancy. Folate deficiency during pregnancy can cause a variety of fetal abnormalities. < A single glass of orange juice - a third of the daily requirement of folate

. But do not be too zealous - in oranges contain a considerable amount of sugar. Do not drink more than 500 ml of orange juice a day for breakfast and do not drink on an empty stomach drink because of its high acidity. For children the juice should be diluted with water.



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