Energy of money: how to relate to money

Every time we deal with money, we are immersed in a kind of chaos. This is due to the rupture of human relationships with the land. Establish a connection with the earth is to know when it is necessary to act immediately and practical, really feel kinship with the work. In cases involving money, such a feeling arises, we quite rare.

At its core money - a very simple thing. But our attitude towards them handled ready-made ideas that have arisen as a result of striving for greatness of the ego and its manipulation. Even the handling of money, simple pieces of paper, it seems to us a very serious game.

We like building a sand castle, and then sell tickets to allow him to attend. The difference between children's games and games adults is that adults are always present money games. Kids do not care about the money, while the adults want to receive a fee for entrance to their sacred building.

Even when we try to behave as if money does not mean anything if they are only a confirmation or a sign of our creative abilities or practical enterprise, we still attach great importance to money, because they are associated with the energy of our prejudices. We may even be ashamed of money if they are too expensive to our heart.

We call them by different names - for example, the "attendants," or "bucks" to mitigate this feeling. Sometimes we decide that money is our lifeline, guarantee security of their abstract quality of symbolize some inexpressible side of our personality.

For example, we can say: "I went bankrupt, I am a complete failure", "I am a good citizen and have a solid bank account," "I have so much money that simplicity has no place in my life»

. Attract money energy plays an important role in the process of communication and relationships. If your friend refuses to pay the account in a restaurant, you will automatically have a sense of alienation and resentment towards him. If someone buys his friend a cup of tea - a simple cup of hot water and tea - this action shall have an additional meaning

. It seems to me that for a proper understanding of oneself makes sense to work with the negative aspects of money. We must learn to see this strong and causing confusion phenomenon as a part of ourselves that is impossible to ignore. If we have the right attitude to money, they cease to be a sign of an exchange or an abstract energy; our attitude towards them, too, becomes a practice. We do not sit on them as a medicine, which has already become a drug - but we can treat them the same way as the master treats his instruments

. Chapter 13 of the book Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche's "Heart of a Buddha" is written for Harper's special rooms dedicated to money. 1976

Author: Chogyam Trungpa, translated from the English O. Turukhina


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