The best time for eating and optimal health. New scientific data.

About eight years ago, I discovered from my own experience, that the best time to eat is in the first eight hours of wakefulness and that it is better not to eat at all during the remaining sixteen hours. Rejuvenating the results were so impressive that I felt compelled to write about it in my book the most popular

«Quantum power." I found support for my practice in ancient Eastern teachings that reflect the concept of "meridians". Each meridian, says this theory, along with the bodies through which it passes, has its own natural two-hour period of high activity. Now science gives this confirmation.

The best time to eat to lose weight

"Food on the clock." In September 2013, in The Scientist magazine published an article that described a study of several hundred dieters. Some of them have ended up at 15:00 every day, while others much later. Both groups had the same diet, exercise program, sleep and other things. Result?

The first group, which has stopped at 15:00, lost more weight and much faster.

We have a variety of day and night

Scientists say that these findings add to the growing recognition that our metabolism focused on circadian rhythms recorded in our genes, and that the differences between them can cause damage to our system.

Our biological clock

At the present time, the notion that our body has an internal clock, familiar to many. Many tissues contain such a watch. Moreover, they have a genetic character. intestinal motility, absorption and various organs throughout the body system are programmed in a certain way.

Once it easier for people to stick to their natural circadian rhythms. The night was a time for sleep, and the day for hunting and gathering food. In today's world, however, we are working literally all hours of the day and night, and eat when it is convenient or when work allows us to. The result is a massive increase in weight, a huge increase in diabetes and metabolic disorders.

Make a choice

I made the choice in 2005. I came to the "Quantum Nutrition" six years after the transition to the full raw food diet. While I was thinking about the quantum power, as the "advanced" program and in the first edition of the book, I presented it as such. But in fact it turned out like this food suitable for all. As in the scientific study, told The Scientist have shown that even those who did not change their diet, but just stopped a meal at a certain time getting a normal weight. So the transition to quantum power allows everyone to receive not only the ideal weight, but also an ideal health.

Tonya Zavasta


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